Hello Fabric Lovers

You have found yourself at a unique place! The online presence of a physical store….something there are not too many of.

For now we have an open to the public physical presence, it survived COVID. But not without some changes.

Despite our fabrics being quilt store quality, and in-store all in the $12-14 CAD per yard range, store traffic is down.

And I am busy – with life – my family, job, fur babies, friends and my own projects.

The potentially happy medium which I offer is in store hours Friday 12-6 and Saturday 11-3.  Outside of those hours, and much more conveniently for everyone, I am happy to offer in store shopping (along with the usual free advice/help/colour consultation) by appointment.  I live and work in Pickering so can be fairly flexible.

Online is going to slowly grow – stay tuned if that is your thing, or reach out for something specific. In the meantime watch our social media for LIVE SHOPPING (dates will be posted) and fabric porn pictures of things that end up in the shop.

If you have any questions please reach out to me at nicole@logcabinyardage.com

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