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Kids do say the damnedest things…..

Easter weekend has ended up being an at home weekend for 3 of the 4 days for us, a pleasant surprise…and very unusual in our family.  Mr. LCY has revelled in introducing his daughters to Star Wars, if memory serves they have watched 3 of the 6 episodes, the 3 that were out first but are the end of the story…..there had been concern regarding the little one being ok with it….first movie he covered her eyes strategically (not her ears), now she is up to watching it…..funny little kiddo that she is, she has decided she likes them.  But it is funny what she absorbs….fast forward with me if you will….Mom (me) has been cutting and folding FQs for the upcoming Creativ show in Toronto.  And as you all know I am sewing up samples/booth decor….I attracted an assistant late in the day.  This project, normal time (following the instructions, without an assistant, using the correct notions – none of which apply to my sample) is easily under an hour.

So what happened?

Highlights include…Mummy, can I sit on this chair? (being the chair mummy is sitting in, while sewing….) Not to be deterred, one day I will show you what happens to a seam when a determined 5 and a half year old launches a side assault, or better yet gets behind said sewist and uses leg extensions to try and remove said sewist from chair sewist occupies, from behind…..Mummy, (holding up a bolt) “don’t put this fabric in the store” (of course, the bolt is at the bottom of a pile, or what was a pile…..then she moved on to a leaning stack, a formerly leaning stack….and finally, holding a purse side pre-assembly “Mummy why is this fabric made of steel?” (a good question, apparently she isn’t a fan of fusible products).

The latter led to a discussion, after quizzing me about the purse construction…..once she understood that mummy had stuck two fabrics together (this would be mummy’s inability to follow instructions, fuelled by the lack of fusible interface…..only double sided adhesives onhand) the little darling pointed to the top of a bookshelf and said “did you use that?”  that being a spray adhesive, to my questions she wouldn’t admit as to how she knew what it was….but she asked me to explain what it did, so I told her along, along with delivered by rote (and I presume summarily ignored) stern warnings not too touch it.  She listens and then says “Mummy, can we spray daddy with that and then stick him to….”she trails off at my reaction and then very matter of fact says to me, “Oh, we should save that for the bad guys I guess?”….poor Mr. LCY, seems his younger Jedi knight has been doing some thinking…at least if the bad guys arrive she has a plan!

Anyhow – this is a panel from Free Spirit, in a heavy weight not quite canvas but headed that way… is meant to be put together using an interfacing on the inside, which I didn’t have.  I did have onhand a very heavy fusible web (hadn’t used it before, no idea what I while use it for it is so heavy that I have likely made a waterproof bag) which I used to adhere a lining to the bag.  Even doing that this is a dead simple project that goes together pretty quick.

So I am going to throw a few kits together for this, it is a huge but very easy bag to assemble, and the lining matches perfectly!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

One Response to “Kids do say the damnedest things…..”

  1. Thimbleanna says:

    Boy, you’re in trouble with that much thinking at such an early age LOL. Very cute bag too!!!