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New Digs…..

Ok, I have a cool new sewing post for later, but instead of sewing/cutting fabric for the show during my kid free day (yes, my husband and b-in-law have the monsters, as they are playing hockey tonight leaving me with my monsters and my monster nieces….the house may survive) I decided I would clean up.

I love that phrase, I am going to clean up – as anyone out there knows that only leads to a bigger mess.  I have done a bit of purging, which is good.  But moving the crap that was in a place and messy, to clean the place, leaves you with homeless crap.  So you throw it out, or you have to move some other stuff out of it’s place to fit the crap……cyclical for sure, productive value questionable.

Anyhoo……I decided to move my sewing machine so I can see the woods behind the ohuse, which is the reason we bought the house and something I don’t see that much of.  The main floor view is in the kitchen, and there is a second floor deck over the kitchen deck, as well as a kitchen table populated my monsters or there craft creations and mess to distract from the view.

These woods are good, there is a wetland which brings deer with their babies (and coyotes), we are near a  migrating bird sanctuary so there are lots of them making a lot of noise, and we are also in a raptor migrating area, so we get a few very unusual birds briefly including a variety of owls.  So lots of entertainment.

The new spot is also further from the bed my children take to co-opting at night, and since my Janome is permanently set onsuperfast speed it is sorta noisy, so I figured the distance may allow me to sew more.   Lastly I dragged a table I have had for a while upstairs so I can put one of my older, basic machine on it and keep little miss inquisitive 1 or 2 from pressing every button on my machine (in theory…. 😉 ).

So here is the new view, big improvement over the wall!

A happy result of the move was I found my seam ripper – the scissors while not fatal proved aggravating, replacement rippers weren’t as good – short of making the stitch spacing really wide I was getting very frustrated (of course paying attention could work….lol)

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