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Pick up your thread and stop the spread….

We can help, in our own way, a bit at a time.

Let me dispense with the comment the trolls like to jump on right off the bat.

No – we cannot sew medical grade N95 masks with our quilting stuff. Does anyone really think people figure they can when they are jumping all over people’s facebook posts and spreading negativity?

No – home-made made masks are not invincible. You do need to be careful about cross contamination etc. Most of us are not medically educated in proper germ control (hah – especially if you are the parent I was/am who figured the kids would be better off eating dirt and building immunity!) but we are also not morons. Wearing a mask can help, it can help more if you do a pocket kind and can insert a Kleenex for added filtration.

It sure as hell cannot hurt.

And better yet? Making masks, or surgical caps, or headbands, or beds for the shelters dealing with pets dropped off due to a lack of understanding…..whatever you want to contribute likely helps you as much as the recipient – it gives you some control, a way to contribute, a way to help your family, friends, neighbours or the unseen worker at the senior home delivering dinners, or the kid at the gas station pumping gas…..Whatever It Is.

DO IT (as Nike exhorts). You be You, do what works for you.

If you want some structure check out Canada Sews on Facebook, read this article on masks from Moda or look around your neighbourhood, local residents groups or services.

In theory I have the online store up and running, Canada Post delivery or contact free curb side pick up. Feel free to check it out.

DO not forget – once we are on the other side of this your small, local business – the quilt stores, the restaurants, the specialty retailers – we will all need you back. If you can support them during this with take out and online orders all the better.

Be Well!

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  1. You may want to check your write up on the Mask Material section. I’m thinking you wanted it to say sewists not sexists?

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