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I have a tracking number…..

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Can I tell you for what?

















We have MOST of the Downton Abbey Collection by Andover coming to the store. 24 different bolts to be exact. It is a large collection, I had to exercise some restraint, and I do not know what reception to expect from customers… we will give it a go.

Downton Abbey1


Downton Abbey2

I picked the pieces in the mosaics, as well as the logo fabric…..this is expected to be in store by next friday, online thereafter. Any questions please let me know, and if you are visiting remember the bridge is closed, on the website we have a wonderful new map thanks to the efforts of a friend of ours (thank you!), that should help you find us! For now one can also park at the bridge and walk over……but not for long, there is no plan for a pedestrian bridge when the bridge is under construction for the year….ask about our petition for a pedestrian when you are in the store….