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Spring has Sprung……

Been a bit frantic and a bit interesting around here of late.  This is a monster catch-up blog post.  Did something new for me, and did it without anyone needing first aid or counseling! I spoke to the members of the East Toronto Quilt Guild on Modern Quilting at their meeting, did a bit of what should be a trunk show, more like a snapshot of time with works in various stages.  That was interesting to do, and more surprisingly was apparently well received and enjoyable.  I was told my demeanour and sense of humour were refreshing….that really is a comment you can take more than one way, at least I made an impression though.  My goals in giving the talk were 1- to not swear, 2 – to not uber-geek the topic to the point of inducing drooling/napping in the audience, 3 – to not drone on and on about art geek stuff like several of my university professors did (refer back to #2, that was me in the back of the lecture hall, and dimming the lights, which I also did at the guild, to make the images in the slides visible didn’t help!), and 4 – hopefully tell people something they didn’t already know, without seeming to patronize those in the know.  I mean really, who am I, someone who has no problem throwing together a powerpoint and talking in front of people, I know just enough to be dangerous, but I am certainly not an authority…..I am not sure but I think I managed #1 at least……in any case, new notch in the belt, I can travel with a lecture and not quite normal version of a trunk show….

What else…..CLASSES! A long time in coming the first two classes are scheduled, there will be a post on those in the next day or so, essentially it is Peggy Kwan of Markham, Ontario teaching a quilt-as-you-go log cabin technique, perfect for a domestic machine and a great stash buster.  I will teach a Modern Trip around the World – one really big block, with or without borders, lovely patchwork effect but the technique is a great short cut.

My Guild completed it’s show and sale, very successful, I attended as a vendor and had the chance to chat to lots of friends and customers old and new….if you are planning your guild show keep me in mind….I also attended a York Heritage Guild meeting as a vendor with a table at the back, it is of course a business opportunity but the treat in it for me is seeing the speaker of the evening while I am there…..

Finally – Spring is here!  Along with Easter and birthday events this past weekend (and a hockey tournament) I got out to do some yardwork (ugh after the ice storms) and I unwrapped some fresh fabric as well!

A few other exciting things coming, this post covers off the several of them, another one soon I promise….and a fabric pic below just ‘cause you can’t have a post without a pretty picture….as an aside the solids are actually Painter’s Canvas by Michael Miller, very cool stuff…..


4 Responses to “Spring has Sprung……”

  1. Lisa clarke says:

    Great blog, great read. Congrats on accomplishing your 4 goals ( which I’m sure you did #1 being the hardest). You are ferrying engaging as a speaker and made even this beginner learn from your talks

  2. Thimbleanna says:

    Haha — you made me laugh with goal #1. That would have been hard for me too, so congratulations! Sounds like you’re very busy. And, at long last, spring is finally here — yipee!!!!

  3. logcabin says:

    Is it bad that number one was what it was?

  4. logcabin says:

    Hah you know me too well……but I commented without swearing!!!!