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January Special!

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

So – I am over winter. Which given that we have three more months of snow, more or less, is going to be interesting. That being said today is a lovely mild winter day with snow making a brief appearance, fortunately in fact in that you can walk outside again as it is covering the ice!
I am moving all the Christmas fabric in the store…..highlighting other fabrics…..and I have decided to put what Batiks I have on sale, in store only, in stock Batiks are $8.95 yard during January. Come on by and refuel your stash after all your Christmas sewing with some batiks!

Bridge closure, classes, new fabrics…..

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Hello Everyone.
So – the Whitevale Bridge has shifted in the recent extreme weather and is now closed.  This is off course frustrating with a relatively new, small business, but there you go.  There are several other routes in to Whitevale, for those that are unaware.
detour map








In purple – when you get to the end of Altona, instead of going right on Whitevale Road you
1- Turn Left onto Whitevale Road
2- At the end, Townline Road, turn right to go north, over the 407
3- At the lights for Hwy 7 turn right
4- At North Road turn right to go south, back over the 407 and into Whitevale
5- Turn right onto Whitevale Road, you will see the Grainary and will find us there as usual
In Green
1- From Taunton Road turn north onto Sideline 26
2- At Whitevale Road turn left and proceed into Whitevale to Grainary
In Pink
1- Take Whitevale Road across from Brock Road in Pickering

I hope the bridge closure doesn’t keep anyone from coming out, we have several interesting things happening!

I have a class schedule, starting in February, I will post that shortly.  We are slightly (we means Michele) revamping the website in order to better list classes.  More info soon!

Several project specific workshops taught by yours truly, geared to a beginner/novice sewist wanting to start and finish a project, with appropriate techniques learned – fun things such as throw pillows, pillowcases, placemats, runners, napkins….little projects but big impact in your home.

So far late Jan/early Feb will include the arrival of Thomas the Tank, Antique Seeds, I Dream of Paris and Alphabet Soup, with more to come.

ELS4309-CRE birds panel









The panel above, Beautiful Birds, is kinda neat. It can be used as a panel, or if the panel is cut up it fits back together as a tree full of birds, which will be a welcome sign of spring….

Recently Updated9








Above is my text addiction coming to light, antique seed catalogue text in 3 colours ot go with any of the multitude of floral fabrics we have, and a wee bit of french to keep things classy….

alphabet soup








Lastly Alphabet Soup – the numbers can be assembled as a book if you choose (something I am asked for and have never had), any which way you slice it bright, bold and fun for little people….

The selection above represents the next stuff in, there is more coming up ….. Hope to see you soon!

Wow….it has been a while….

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

So – since I  last posted the shop hosted the Kaffe event, did the Fall Creativ show and a guild meeting show.  (that was a wee bit hectic)  And oh yeah…..we moved the store.

Same building – the Grainary in Whitevale, bigger space, brighter, the door under the porch.  (the store sign is on the to-do list).

November, once moved in, was a decent month, with lots of learning curve, still putting stuff in it’s “place” days….then December started out pretty good, then we had the ice storm – no power forever – now the polar vortex, and our friendly neighbourhood propane delivery service conveniently forgot where Whitevale is.  That could be dangerous, Whitevale has a long and successful history of opposing things they don’t like and it was suggested to me today that said delivery company should be boycotted…..however, as I write this we were told by the customer “service” that yes, we are on the manifest and delivery hours in our area have been extended to 24 hours….good I guess but sorta sad at the same time….anyway, moving on.

Mr. LCY  (in the store during the week) and I have a bunch of plans and announcements for the shop.  First – we are OPEN six days a week. Yup, come on out on a Sunday afternoon, browse and fondle the fabric, grab a tea next door, see the historic homes and the awesome trails in the park.  Or just fondle the fabric.  That has the store open Tues through Sun, 12-4, except Sat is 12-5. We are closed Mondays.

Second – I would like to introduce Michele, I have pasted her blog post in below.

Stay tuned – we will be more active – promise.

Also – check us out on Facebook, lots of inspiring pictures there.

Hi Everyone,

 My name is Michele and I’m super happy to be blogging here with Nicole and Log Cabin Yardage.  I’ve been quilting for over a decade and really began with no knowledge of how to even thread a bobbin.  Which I guess is really funny, considering as I sit here, I am winding bobbins for my next project, between paragraphs.

My quilting style has always been to lean on precut fabrics and not venture too far from patterns that leverage those sizes and materials.  It wasn’t until I met Nicole that she pushed me to try new things, some way outside my comfort zone.   The Tumbler Quilt below was one of the first times I have worked with fabrics by Amy Butler and I love how it turned out!  This quilt will be available for sale in the shop and online very soon.

 I had the opportunity to attend the Kaffe Fassett workshop in October and it was the most fun I have ever had at a creative event.  I learned more in that day about colour, composition, freedom and creativity.  I’m so close to completing my quilt from that day, I can’t wait to show you.  Brandon Mably forced me to try new things and I’ve now got a quilt all of my own, that will forever remind me to keep trying new things.

Nicole and I have been busy collaborating over what’s to come next for the shop and I am pleased to share with you some of my upcoming classes.  We will be posting shortly the details around classes and workshops for creating a Spinning Triangles (baby sized quilt for beginners), All About Pre-Cuts (all skill levels), Flower Basket (twin sized quilt for beginners) and a Terrific Toque (crocheting for beginners).  Details for the classes will be posted shortly and all will take place at Log Cabin Yardage.

I’m happy to be part of this blog and can’t wait to share regularly the projects we are working on.

Cheers to 2014 and new things in the shop!