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Blog Post….what is that again!

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Howdy y’all.

Hope summer has been treating you pretty good, one way or another.  I am braving the most recent crop of moskeeters to write this sitting on my front porch, contemplating the latest garden transplants, wondering if I need to water them, or if the clouds are about to pelt them to smithereens with rain.

Summer has proven busy, for various reasons, on various levels.  Hence the blog suffers.  But I figure y’all would survive.

A few highlights

1 – Kaffe Fassett is coming in October, lecture on the first, workshop on the second.  SLOWLY getting info onto store website under Class Info.

2 – Oh yeah – check out class info, once web designers get it up.  We will have classes this fall, all levels of quilters, or those wanting to call themselves quilters.

3 – Please refresh the page next time you go to I have uploaded photos, fixed layout issues, changed a few things, but if ya don’t make your computer reload the lazy bugger is satisfied with loading the last version

(I do know how to spell, speak and write more or less properly (y’all,), being very “lazy august evening” tonight – it is neither raining nor 4 billion degrees including humidity, quite pleasant on the porch watching the world go by….)

4 – goodness, boxes and boxes of fabric landed at my house, to be shuttled to the store. Yarn finally labelled and displayed.  YEAH! Unfortunately the online store and the physical store no longer track each other, there simply isn’t the time in the day….

5 – Shout out to a friend – Michele – manned the shop and did a spectacular job this past Saturday while I was at the Black Creek Quilts in the Creek – mucho grassy ass.

6 – New digs – post Kaffe the shop will be moving into a larger unit at the front of the historic Grainery in Whitevale, very exciting, very scary……a few new things iwll be in the shop, class space will be ginormous…..more soon.

Ok, enough serious stuff, here are some fabric pics to check out…..

Holiday Frost by Henry Glass including the panel – a big hit this weekend, I am loving the grey, red and white – there is even the cutest little raccoon in the panel. Which is funny, this show was in an open-sided event space in a pioneer village (read green space), in the north of the City (Toronto) adjacent to York University (rampant tennis fans stealing parking spaces due to Rogers Cup Finals)……so the pavilion has a roof (with a slew of helpful birds, prevented from getting down due to wire mesh to keep them out of the roof, they instead perched on beams and pooped at will….) but no sides…..I wrapped everything Saturday night, weighted down the table coverings with chairs……Sunday morning I get back, and look at the bag housing a backdrop display stand… has the cutest dusty handprints on it, where someone scurried along Saturday night….yes, handprints – they look human!  Anyway, back to the fabric…..

9511P-98 holiday frost panel