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SO….this is summer?

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Unlike some places we are fortunate to not be having horrendous heat, or wildfires.  We are having a very wet and relatively cool summer so far, haze and humidity are the theme in these parts.

Things march on at the shop – still pulling it together, but progress has been made.  All of the in stock yarn is in the shop, it isn’t all out as such, but it is there.  The fabric is all in, most of it has found a home.  I have tried to ensure plenty of table surfaces that are available, or have easily re-arranged contents, to allow people to spread out their WIPs.  I did just that with a quilter who had four lovely blocks that needed sashing and border fabric, one wasn’t working, so we had the most fun I can have in a fabric store, pulling out bolts and auditioning the ideas against the blocks…..and we were successful to boot.

Class plans are coming together, loosely.  There will be a pillowcase workshop, to get people used to sewing, as well as a crib size quilt and a throw quilt.  This will all be communicated after some website changes, there will be a page for store info where a map, hours, classes etc. will all be.  Baby steps.  Here are two demo pillowcases, the ice cream one went to the ice cream (and homemade burger, pulled pork and purine) caravan on the property the store is in, the other is the first to hang in the store window…..more to come.


New arrivals were into the shop, more owls.  These are from ADORNit, a neat company run by a team of women, Carolee McMullin and her three daughters.  Carolee got her start in tole painting patterns (I am old enough to remember when that exploded), when she saw those were being used to decorate scrapbooks her business became paper goods for crafting, and then extended into quilting fabrics, along with wood decor items.  ADORNit is the first company to offer co-ordinating fabric and paper goods.  It is an interesting small business story, and I am happy to carry their goods, I like the graphic quality of the fabric.  As tot he paper goods, we aren’t there yet, but I would love to eventually carry decor items…….in any case, we just got in Nesting Owls in the charcoal colourway.

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More soon, take care everyone…..