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Yarn update and a finish….

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Howdy everyone…..

Been busy round these parts…..amongst other things I did finish the teacher quilt

teach quilt











Ignore the outfits on the quilt-holders, it was pyjama and crazy hair day….:)

Yarn is in store, a bit more to come, but a good start…..

Recently Updated5









These are some of the yarns in the shop, I am most excited about the sock yarn – understand that I am totally incapable of knitting a pair of socks, I have never achieved much in the way of knitting, I have no reason to think I can knit a pair of socks…..perhaps one day!  but check out the colours….the ribbon scarf yarn is super luscious and bright…..the colours of the yarns are like jewels……this could become a very bad habit…..

This got pieced, may actually end up for sale in the store, I lucked out as one day while he was in the store Mr. LCY pinned this for me… I have to quilt it and away we go…

french quilt










In other news the elder monster has decreed that she cannot sleep with a quilt under her bedspread/duvet.  Sadly we are having such a weird, cool “summer” that she is fine sleeping that way, not too hot.  In fact she sleeps in a wee bit later, unusual for her and of course much needed.

SO, today’s project once the store closed was selecting 12 fat quarters, cutting a few of those in fact, for a quilt for herself.  Her only request, which came a while ago when she picked a fabric in the store out, was aqua like her bedroom….we found a better aqua, which I used in this.  The blocks are sewn, they need to be joined together to form the top, quilted etc.

a quilt











The blocks feature, in addition to the grey, black and aqua floral, a black and white of dressforms, music, the matrix code, animals and most importantly Star Wars, specifically the destruction of the Death Star.  Mr. LCY has had an influence on the princesses.













That was one I found hard to resist, the curl on the moustaches is so Poirot…..

Am I the only parent unprepared? (and store hours this saturday)

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Someone needs to let me know – am I the only parent shocked by the end of the school year every year? I mean, I know it is coming (though when year round schooling was proposed here I figured it would certainly simplify things, it never caught on though) and it does every year. I have had a bit of practice at it – oldest monster has been in school since she was three…..yet I am never prepared. I attempt it, I have friends who have it all organized by january…..though tons of our stuff is still in boxes I have run across previous attempts to be organized ahead of the end of the year – errant gifts which are long forgotten (not a chance I will remember them when I need them).

This is what happened in my house tonight…



One my way to some teacher quilts.
Also – this Saturday store is open 9am to 3 pm, I am off to Montreal after that for a meeting….