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Guess what is happening this weekend?

Friday, May 17th, 2013

The store (bricks and mortar) is having it’s soft opening.  Soft implies that the things that aren’t yet totally finished, or tested, or just plain done – will be somewhat excusable…….it is a baby step.  Open but not perfect.

This was the case a few days ago – it is now much closer to “together” – today is the final push.

store weds

There has been progress since then, all should be good. Here is a picture of one of several bins Mr. LCY has been building – I didn’t want to clutter the space with bookshelves to the point where it seemed a maze, so this was the solution we came up with. In this case this bin is full of organics – you will spy Daisy Janie on the top shelf, along with Betz White and the Lorax on the bottom……that is a happy feel good bin!


The details? Saturday May 18 (tomorrow) 12-5 pm, 425 Whitevale Road on the east side of the Granary. The complete address for Google/GPS is below – essentially it is the western edge of Pickering (Altona Road, just east of Port Union exit on the 401 – or Durham/York Townline Road exit off the 407), on Whitevale Road which runs east/west just below the 407 between the Durham/York Townline and Brock Road, much closer to Townline than Brock. There is a wee Tea shop and an Ice Cream/French Fry Caravan, as well as the park, Seaton Hiking System, and West Duffins Creek running under the bridge and currently full of trout fisherman… well as a historic village setting with lots of old houses to take a gander at…..and tons of awesome fabric!

425 Whitevale Road
L0H 1M0

Until a phone gets installed in the shop if you are lost call me – 416-818-1393. There are cows, horses and lots of farmers fields (Whitevale in the west sits in a protected agricultural preserve) so the lack of subdivision housing and retail sprawl down’t mean you are lost!