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We got snow, then sun, then rain, then SNOW again this morning…

Sunday, April 21st, 2013






Things are moving along at the store, between all sorts of other every-day chaos….ahead of next weekend, which is both the Creativ Festival which I will be at, and an away dance comp. which Mr. LCY is taking the resident monsters to.

wonky shelves







That was my wonky shelf. The floor is sooooo far from level… any case Mr. LCY spent forever levelling other shelves.

bolts4bolts 4










Mr. LCY put MY saw to good use as well, built a bin for fabric for me, he figured he was going to build me two – I like it so much he is now building at least 4 – you can imagine how thrilled he is!  In all seriousness, it is hardly a refined construction but it works!











No new fabric news yet, there is stuff, but in the homestretch for Creativ, and store is hopping now, there are enough (but not all) of the black shelves (we cleared out every GTA Rona over the course of about a week), and the bins, so I will be able to have everything together and see it……


Rainy day (but not snow….yet), sunny store!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Ok, sunny might not be the word, but between the numerous original light fixtures (which I didn’t take a picture of, sorry, next time) and the super bright fabric, the store was a happy bright spot after my rush hour drive through sheeting rain and fog (it’s ok, don’t worry, forecast tomorrow is freezing rain, snow on friday……groundhog fur coat anyone?).

The door bears a temporary sign, but a new outdoor light above it!











Inside things are collecting…….











And I just realized I took a picture of a light fixture….











So here is a very important store opening accessory… is, technically speaking, mine (bought for some project eons ago), but Mr. LCY has absorbed it, pleading no recollection that it is mine (given that he is the one in the family who remembers things I can’t counter that argument….), so in order to frustrate things I got in the store on the weekend and cut a whole bunch of wee bits of wood.  Reason being that in Whitevale everything is crooked.  Building shelves, specifically the ones I showed you the other day, requires shims to level the shelves once built.









Of course you do see where this goes….I have some lovely level shelves….on a 100+ year old granary (ok, I spell it granary, the owner spells it grainary….the intent is to eventually put up the provincial road signs, so it will come to a head…), so the only thing level is the shelves.  Of course the only thing I see every time I go in the space is how level the shelves are as against everything else…..I can’t decide which will bug me more, the contrast, or crooked shelves….we shall see.

Have a good night all…..

Some fabric goodness…..

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

More goodies are in….and oh my goodness, meant to take a pic tonight but didn’t….vacuuming the old wood floor in the grist mill, Mr. LCY has been making work tables, we found a commercial shelf solution, assembled one to be sure, it can be tweaked as needed (Mr. LCY again) so numerous can be ordered….moving forward, slowly but onward is good.  There is a lot of fabric collecting in the store, and it totally isn’t all in here yet.  We will be down a storage unit and have our front room back….this is like renovations in reverse!

Anyhow – time for eye candy.  It is sunny out here now, still bloody nippy – though forecast for tomorrow morning is about 12 degrees warmer than this morning was so who knows.  Most of the snow has even melted – due entirely to the sun shining as opposed to temps, but I will take it, I am so over the snow here, it has reached the dirty, gross mess stage.

Philip Jacobs

And some more…..


And the last one…..

wingin it1

For now… can’t guess I have been playing with mosaics in Picasa, right?

Oh yeah – what were those?

First was an assortment of Philip Jacobs, next was pieces from the Somersault collection by Erin McMorris, last is pieces from Wingin it by Henry Glass, still waiting on the last piece for that assortment, but love the little bird and the grey with blue….

Later guys.


Monday, April 1st, 2013

Hey guys,

No headlines here per se – the only news is that family easter dinner was hosted, and more importantly survived by all.

Our first family away hockey tournament was also survived, and enjoyed immensely by the player, the younger monster caught a wicked stomach flu, so did an exorcist impression saturday night, however in the end all was good.

A wee bit more fabric news – including the Headline!

Log Cabin Yardage2


The collage shows three news prints – Headliner, Books and Letters and Newsprint.  (I needed a text print fix).

I also found a news collection – this is manufactured in Japan, has extremely high quality, and a design I really like.  The colours aren’t beige, they are more than that.  In addition to hitting the text fixation these also work with a french theme, I can see these having a decor function, or in a quilt with black and brown solids, these as the background to stars……ok that would be some seriously fiddly piecing we shall see… day.

caraees schenk


This last one is a fun one… comes about as I liked the the feedsack print trend, but could never get “into” them, I like the history, the place in the craft the use of the vintage prints which were used by bulk dry good retailers to package their goods, in order to entice purchase.  Once the feedback was empty the fabric went into clothing, quilts, any kind of sewn good.  I simply couldn’t ever decide on a single print (ok, who am I kidding), a reasonable number of prints, there were too many choices…..until I found this!  Feedsack prints hanging on the line.

BHF7949-13 feedsack
















Ok, have a good week y’all, I would say enjoy spring, but the spring we had last week, even on saturday, vanished today with high winds, cold air, and most distressingly snow!  I had just started the clean up and planning of what to do with my new, very old, overgrown shambles of a yard….back to dreaming for now.