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Shop stock update!

Thursday, March 21st, 2013


A note from the truly great white North…..The process of getting the shop ready has begun!

Once I am home I will post a few pics of the process, Mr. LC is building tables and moving fabric as we speak.

The process of moving fabric is a good time to ensure that the online store is somewhat up to date, so I have been loading fabrics into the shop…’s focus is fabric produced by Henry Glass.

I have found that I like the Henry Glass product, the fabric has a nice hand, the weave is tight, the colour though is what caught me.  The colour is saturated into the fabric and looks wonderful.

Bountiful is a fall themed line with the main landscape fabric, the complimentary fabrics can be used in any project, and the patchwork print is lovely, it could be used as a cheater print on it’s own.



Oh Holy Night by Henry Glass, a charming panel with several complimentary pieces.












oh holy night








So, check out the site, more fabrics going in there, more news later……

Spring is around the corner….

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013





























first tap








It is that time of year……since we moved the end of last summer we are on a property with a couple of older trees, one being a big sugar maple that is very close to the house, and whose days are therefore numbered… total we have three, and I decided to tap them, they are all plenty big enough to be tapped.

How exciting! We shall see how this goes, the plan is to combine the maple syrup with the black walnuts I collect din the local park in the fall and have been drying, they will rehydrate sucking in the maple syrup…..then the baking fun will begin.

Other than that it has seemed might quiet around these parts I figure.  But do not despair.

store 2 store 1








I was getting dubious we would get to this point, but I have keys!  Yippeeee!

425 Whitevale Road, Whitevale ON, Unit 2……..on the East side of the old Granary building, beside the river and Seaton Hiking Trail system.

Of course progress is hampered by March Break with the kiddies around, the day job, upcoming travel for the day job, and a secret project…….

More on that soon!  Enjoy the weather (maybe, keeps snowing here) spring is around the corner (how can you tell?  There is a million canada geese in the farmer’s fields I drive past, they are back….