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Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Hey guys!

So I spied something today, a picture of a block, and figured that Riley Blake’s Matryoshka’s would be just about right.

I put together one block, I read about this technique way back somewhere, sometime…..

block detail

This one didn’t come out perfectly, the curves could be smoother, but it certainly did work.
Technique is pretty simple, the purple circle is cut out, the edges are feathered, then the brown material is treated the same.  The frayed edge is turned under.
turned edge detail
The turned under edge is ironed to set the crease, then I use a glue stick under the flaps to keep them down.  In this house the glue stick (or acquisition of…) was the most challenging part of the whole affair.
After the edge is glued down (you don’t have to do that, but then it is hard to slide the material around to get positioned the way you like), flip the material right side up (the turned edges are on the back, or bottom, side), and then stitch it down.  I kept the stitching as close tot he edge as I could, I intend to go back and do a more decorative stitch further in from the edge…..of course it is good to have plans….this will also hopefully be a quilt one day….again with the plans!

New Fabric!

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Well – we have had some goings on here!

Website has been upgraded (back end stuff, you won’t see it), makes it less glitchy loading stuff – which is good.

Website host hit a glitch with their domain renewal automated system that wasn’t so automated, along with others we were down a few days – not good.

After this email self-destructed, resulted in some emails to nicole@ being lost – also not good.  (if I haven’t replied I have an awesome sad story of an excuse!)

Laptop – presumed to be bullet proof has started that MAC fan thing, chewing thru battery – not good.

Store is coming along, getting closer on the paperwork side – this should be good

But best of all?


riley blake matryoshka



Above would be Riley Blake’s Matryoshka collection, below is also Riley Blake, this time Life in the Jungle…..

riley blake jungle



Loving both of these!

Also – picture coming, Daisy Janie New Leaf is just in the store, Riley Blake will be there soon……




Store Sneak Peak….

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Well, it has been an interesting time with the website – the hosting company forgot to renew the name registration though the renewal was paid LAST YEAR!  That was fun, thoroughly screwed up email as well, I have effectively lost the last 4 months of my email….which is awesome.  Truly.  I unfortunately hadn’t replied to a few store connected things…..and they are gone now – period!

Fabric – I have new fabric, uploading isn’t working properly, not sure if it is a weekend issue….in the next few days fingers crossed.

Store – sneak peak of raw space below – beautiful!  Getting exciting, off to see the City this week, looks like an opening in April….hope all of you are well, we had the huge storm, which was a ton of work shovelling everything, but fun with the kids.











More soon, enjoy the week!