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Mama Said Sew!

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Ok, I have to fire these pictures out there, the listing will come soon, but the newest Sweetwater collection has arrived!



So – soon it will be in stock… me it is lovely!

Ghastlie Quilt…..

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Whoa – still some quilting happening here!  Entering a wee bit of a panic period – Creativ festival looms on the horizon….and I have a booth which my sister is determined is going to be prettier….apparently I don’t do pretty very well! (lol).

So the Ghastlie quilt is going, it will be in the booth for A Needle Pulling Thread magazine, and I will have kits, and perhaps a table runner in my booth (if someone gets her sewing stuff all unpacked pdq!)……..This was a fun quilt to make, and as far as what we refer to as my lifestyle goes it was perfect.  I am a night-time sewer/quilter.  Not because I am overly inclined to stay up late (Coffee+Coke = lifeblood), because I have all the usual trapping s(minus the fame and fortune, note that), job, husband, kids, monster meathead dog, house that seems to require cleaning, and allegedly a social life in there but that is relative.  All of this means my most productive sewing time is between 10 and 11 pm.  Post 11 pm seam allowances and piecing get a little “wonky” and I don’t mean fashionably wonky.  SO this quilt is great – it is pieced onto a one sided fusible – the centre fussy cut bit is ironed on, then it is stitch and flip (and iron if you are feeling fancy, or energetic (the two are co-dependant in my world), and piece the next strip.  All the things I love – no real measuring needed, no real particular planning needed, and the fusible base means that it is really simple to true it all up at the end by trimming it up, and with no paper to rip it all hangs together and bias issues don’t arise.  And it all stacks nicely, and goes together super easy.

But there was a point to this – I did this by pre cutting the triangles and having a stack of those, and used a plastic template and traced around the fussy cut Ghastlies….then I ironed that on, and during Moonshiners, or the show about the swamp people or the crazy fisherman, or Mythbusters….I could bang a couple triangles out a night and not really need to pay attention.

I hate to say it but the project is almost idiot proof… I have now decisively proven!

Anyhow – here is the picture…..

Fabrics include The Ghastlies by Alexander Henry and it’s complimentary pieces in the stripes, as well as a wee bit of Riley Blake, some dots, April in Paris by Timeless Treasures, some Michael Miller, and Shades of Grey by Daisy Janie.

A kit will be out soon with the fusible interfacing, template plastic, halfyard cuts of the different Ghastlies to fussy cut, and yardage of the complimentary prints…..incidently I backed it with Riley Blake and the binding is a Ghastlie print, those will be separately available.

Now – another quilt is in the works, to make the booth look “pretty”…….I will keep you posted on that one.


Cooking with gas!

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Hold me back!
Move chaos ongoing, fibre optic network not doing installations yet (no tv or internet in house)….last blog was from Ipad with questionable photography…this one is from my phone! Seriously weird….I do remember when you had to be supercool with cash to have a “portable” phone you had to plug into your car power and it came in a bag…..who woulda thunk. Americans sent men (and a woman) to space with less technology (and analogue to boot) than this phone has!
Gobsmacked winder aside, today I bring you a stack…..

This stack shall be the turning 20…..but there is only 18 so the purple and the floral with purple in it shall do double duty…….keep ya posted!
Also – Ghastlie shall be kitted soon!


Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Hah! Nothing like dating yourself more or less with a weird movie reference!

So -I am still here, though a very delinquent poster, many profuse apologies.

How is your Fall so far? It is my favorite season, chilly mornings, cool evenings, it has begun. Due to ridiculous developments on the home, home based business fronts the mornings are chillier here, we have moved and the furnace isn’t hooked up yet! No worries, no alarm….it takes a perverse person to buy a +100 year old house (in part), with a supportive spouse of course, and embark on renovations that include the installation of a furnace. The plan is the shop will have a real live fabric-fondling friendly location, where you will likely meet said spouse, in a part of the house, located in the historic hamlet of Whitevale, north Pickering.

This leads me to another point…..a certain publication just arrived at my house, and news-stands – it mentions a sept. shop opening, that is currently more optimistic than said spouse will support, Mr. LCY assures me it will take longer, sadly he is likely correct.

But check this out, a top secret project is on the cover! Wowzers I didn’t expect this to be on the cover, and a feature in the magazine…..

Excuse the craptacular picture, blogging off IPad and it doesn’t like my shaky hands…..according to my sister though this means I am a centerfold…….the idea gets guffaws of laughter from those who know me…..about the only way it would happen also!

Anyhooooooo-rush on out and get yourself a copy! Seriously? A Needle Pulling Thread is a great Canadian mag published by a great husband/wife team (who rope the kids in as well!) north of Toronto….try it, you might like it!

We will let what passes for normalcy return here, get settled and unpacked, and away we go!
Lots to tell you, gobs of fabric have arrived, I’m about to start on a turning twenty quilt in at least one color way, and whip off a seasonal banner or two as it is never too early to Halloween decorate…..perhaps there will be some nearby heritage homes for sale soon you can spookify!
More soon, promise, not such a looooooooooong break next time.

(any advice on killing of auto spell correct in IPad version of wordpress are welcome, and if I make less sense than usual blame the machine, though it may be the smarter one!)