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Goodbye May…..Hello June

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Hi there everyone… May, the month of madness, is making it’s way out the door.

It brought a number of things;

1 – fabric (of course!) specifically, there are a few new Ghastlies print, Tula Pink’s Nightshade, STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!, and the Spice Trail collection from Fabric Freedom amongst others.  I will do a newsletter update on all of these, sign up on the website homepage.

2 – web re-design – an effort to streamline searching on the site, ongoing, hopefully it helps

3 – BIG NEWS!!! We will be moving, to a small community north of Pickering, and the shop will have a separate space which will be open for visits certain hours, or by appointment.  The process took up a good chunk of May, and attention, apologies….

4 – SECRET PROJECT!  I am working on a quilt, which should be published, and appear at the Fall Creativ in the publisher’s booth…..I will have a sneak peak for you all later.

I just wanted to dash off this note as it has been too long, back soon with some goodies for you guys.

Enjoy the summer, though up north they are getting a horrid combination of rain and snow…..



Holy Cow…..Hello!

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

So – what have y’all been up to lately?

I have been swept away in a tornado – chaos on several fronts – apologies to all.

v2qLet’s get thru them and back to fabric fun!  I won’t skip to the end…..come, walk with me dear reader…….

Another show – so, after Creativ, which was fun as usual, I had the pleasure of going to the Dunneville’s Own Tiny Stitchers (DOTS) Guild show.  For a very small guild they put on a very good show, numerous quilts with a range of techniques, very skilled display.  In a brand spanking new arena facility, with a variety of vendors.  It was my pleasure to attend.

Yarn !! Yes, you heard me, yarn.  Coming soon to a Canadian online quilt store near you.  That would be me.  I can’t truly knit, I have learned that like hand stitching I am both not patient enough, and utterly unable to trust my hands to do what they want while I do something else like watch tv, or my kids not getting run over by a car out front etc., if I am knitting I have to be utterly focussed on knitting, which takes me back tot he first problem.  I can knit, I have been told I am actually a good knitter.  I am amazed that such a conclusion can be drawn, as I am usually done at about 4 inches.  My sister (the knitter) who has been involved in LogCabin since day 1, and you amy have seen at Creativ, she still asks me how my cowl is going.  She was super happy I bought a cowl knitting kit with fancy yarn and a pattern at the Fall Creativ show (2010 at least!), and she still asks (aren’t sisters super awesome?).  Sadly if I were to get inspired to knit it now I haven’t the foggiest clue what I should do in order to knit it, so…….

Anyhow – yarn is coming.  Though my sister is offering to babysit the yarn (you shall learn later why babysitting is needed), so it may yet disappear.

New Fabric!!!! Yes, some is in the front hall, more on that later, it arrived earlier in the week.

Sadly I had to attend the funeral of a gentleman who was the dear husband of a friend of mine, and a great guy in his own right though unfortunately I didn’t get too many opportunities, due to all the hustle and bustle of everyone’s life, to spend much time with him, that opportunity has passed.  Take a deep breath everyone, hurtling through life (as I am the first to admit I do) can leave you with regrets.  Make sure to cross the critical t’s and dot the important i’s.  It was a lovely service, and I hope brought comfort to his family.

MORE FABRIC!!!!! Delicious goodies, arriving from London on Tuesday!!!!!











This is the line “Spice Trail” by Fabric Freedom, which is designed in London, England, and is utterly delicious.  I order this a Quilt Market in Houston last October, and it has been held up and delayed, but should be here shortly!

SO – all this fabric is arriving, as we are “decluttering” the house, going to move, so the address should be changing this summer for the shop.  The house we are in the process of acquiring, or if it doesn’t work any other house we would acquire, is going to be rural with a separate area for the shop, so if local people want to visit there is a place they can go.  Will keep you posted on that one.

REcent fabric will eb the subject of another post……Happy sewing,