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What a weekend….

Seriously – I have days when I swear time is accelerating.

Brought into sharp focus by the fact that I played soccer in a facility way to hot and airless tonight and feel ancient as a result….or perhaps feel too much soccer history.  Anyhow.

So – there was a baby disaster in this house tonight.  No, not a human baby – those are now their respective ages going on 30.  The furry big grey baby.  He had a tick.  Easily enough dealt with.  Thanks to a tick identification via a poorly taken iPhone picture, and a video that was supposed to be a picture from our breeder….I cannot tell you how difficult it is to take a picture of a 70+ pound long haired weim’s throat and the tick, when you have to part hair to get it, and the engorged tick is the same colour as the dog.  That excitement is over, the dog was hardly worried about it anyhow.

So what else is new?

I have to play catch up on the website.  I have been madly folding FQs to take to Creativ in 2 weeks….working to sort out the display for the booth…if you are around Toronto and want to head out to the International Centre (tons of free parking, easy to find out by the airport) in 2 weeks you can purchase tickets online.  Use the code 234LC and pass it on.  I don’t get anything out of it, but I think for this show you get both a dollar of, and earlier admission than the general public.  There may be some draws, not so sure about that.  But if you are around it is a good show, tons of stuff.  But some of the ladies mean business….they are there to SHOP – watch out for the pull trolleys and your toes!

I get asked a lot what people can make with pre-cuts.  Don’t let me insult you, but let us back up a step, just to catch everyone up.  Pre-cuts are best known through the manufacturer Moda, who makes a good chunk of the fabric out there.  I could be incorrect in saying this, but every Moda line I have looked at comes in their full range of pre cuts.  Other manufacturers do them now, but Moda probably promotes them the most.  They start with Charm packs, it is a square of fabric, in this case 5×5 inches in size.  The edges of all Moda pre cuts are pinked (the little triangle shaped crinkly edge?  Comes from “pinking” shears, meant to reduce fraying, causes a ridiculous amount of irritating dust, I now cling film all of the pre cuts I stock!!).  So Charm packs usually, by Moda, come in packs of 42.  A charm pack is specific to a collection, and will contain every print in the collection (excepting perhaps panels or such that can’t be cut) in each colour way in the collection.  If need be there will be duplicates of certain prints to come up to the number. To go one, in brief, a Layer Cake is a 10 inch square, the other main one is a jelly roll – these are 2.5 inches wide and WOF (width of fabric, ~44 inches, selvedge edge to selvedge edge).  Same number of pieces in each.

The specific question I get asked is how big a project will be using pre cuts, or what can be done.

Now, I did do all the math to figure out the equivalent yardage, but in telling people I have also wondered if they get it.  If my telling them an amount of yardage translates in their heads to a visual impression of fabric opened out.  I figure the answer is no, so I whipped this out yesterday.











This is a table topper, a table quilt really, which uses one entire charm square pack, it is double sided, each side takes 15, and there are 12 around the perimeter (those aren’t full squares but close enough).  But it was dead easy, and makes tangible what a charm pack can do.  I did some not so great (my standards) stippling (don’t look to close at the back, my only excuse is I was testing a new 30 wt. thread and my machine was determined to undermine me.  In between the layers I put some of that heat resistant batting, it can’t hurt.

I made my table topper using the new Kansas Troubles Christmas fabric Holiday Medley, which I have just received (coming soon into shop) in charms, layer cake and jelly roll.  In typical Moda fashion the yardage doesn’t come out for a couple months yet.  So I was a wee bit stumped, as the only yardage I ordered from this is the antique tone text you see above.  That text was an issue, as I wanted it right way round regardless of which side of the table quilt is in use, so that entailed some thinking, some sewing, and some ripping.  But d’uh, finally (I had a wee bit of fending off a cold to do this weekend) the triangle tabs were done.  That idea came from seeing the Kansas Troubles booth at Quilt MArket, and I will find the pictures sometime but what they did was attach pinked tabs to their quilts.  It was a neat effect.  I also didn’t want to bind this, so I made a sandwich including the triangle tabs and the batting, flipped it over and quilted it, not well and with one pucker washing will hopefully eliminate, but quick and simple.  And Now I can tell people what a harm pack can make!

What else?  Oh there is other stuff, but it is now late, soccer is resulting in atrophy setting in.

Oh – something funny? My separate lives collided tonight, and confused my husband as I was leaving for soccer with a chunk of just cut fabric in hand… friend I play with told another friend I play soccer with about the shop, as she knew this girl is a quilter.  I know she is a good soccer player with bloody magical ball control – but she quilts!  I have known her for years, but mainly on the field, and when I play soccer, well, I am playing soccer!

More importantly – I am not the only one!  My guild meeting after the mashed fingers was our garage sale, so I had a table, and was asked how I came to have hockey tape wrapped fingers, and other guild members were quite surprised to hear I both play a contact sport and quilt (hah – quilting can be a contact sport, or shopping anyhow!), they couldn’t reconcile the two interests……seems there are others.  I wonder if we can start a group….

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  1. Thimbleanna says:

    Ewwww. I hate ticks! We bought our first German Shepherd puppy from a breeder out in the country and the poor little guy was covered in ticks. We brought him home, flipped him on his back and spent an hour or two pulling all those gross little ticks off of him. ICK!

    Sounds like you’re BUSY and swamped! A Hockey Quilting Enthusiast group sounds great!