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A pillowcase for a grey day…..

It has been a dreary, drizzly cold day here…, along with making cookies and the kiddos play date lunch I tried to get a few sewing type things done…..still pushing for the Creativ show (or coming up with a booth theme…).

I finished the top for a quilt/display piece which I may actually kit up, and which I will show you on a non-grey drizzle day – I doubt Mr. LCY would be thrilled with standing in the midst if the miserable afternoon to get a picture, nor would it do much for the quilt.

I had a wonderful experience with some metallic thread…..I am in the midst of going through the process to carry thread….this was a silver metallic rayon thread, due to dance prop needs this thread withstood my stitching zig-zag stitches about 2.5 inches apart the width of a towel at breakneck speed.  How I end up doing these bizarre things isn’t really relevant, suffice to say the thread withstood the fat rabbit setting on my machine at full throttle through terry cloth (coral, if that is relevant), and the top thread only frayed once.  Much better than I have done with any other “fancy” threads, I had this one on top and in the bobbin, and unusually for my occasionally persnickety Janome the top thread didn’t slip/jump/get dropped from the not so secure take up arm once.

I also played with a new to me technique for pillowcases, not so far off how I did them last time I did this, this time it was sewing a tube with the pillowcase rolled up inside it and pulling it out.  I am sure this has a technical name, but essentially the cuff is laid out right side up, the case body is laid over it right sides facing, all along the ~42 inches edge, and the case body is rolled up tight enough to allow the cuff to be folded in half over top, and stitched down, then pulled out through.  I varied this by adding in a thin contrasting band between the body and the cuff, I just think it finishes pillowcases better.

I was able to to take a picture on the dry bit of the railing on the front porch, our neighbours house is further up in their lot than we are, so it blocks just enough of the wind/rain in the front…..

This will be a kit, along with a few others, soon……


One Response to “A pillowcase for a grey day…..”

  1. Thimbleanna says:

    Yipee — Peak Hour is in the house! Of course, I am a bit partial LOL. That pillowcase is too cute!