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Giveaway…and a new fabric alert!

Hey guys –

So – Jane class recap later this week, but it was alot of fun, worth doing.  I liked day 2 Broderie work better than day 1, but there you go.

Now – enter the contest.  2 Prizes – a pattern and 3 FQs in each – like on FB, follow, join newsletter and reports, leave a comment stating which you did, an entry per comment is yours.

New fabric has arrived!

Not much to say, all Philip Jacobs except the Fassett Aboriginal Dots in Silver 2nd down on left side, each is from the March 2012 collection, feathers, Brassica, Cactus Dahlia and my personal favourite flower, Petunias.  Coming to the shop soon!

4 Responses to “Giveaway…and a new fabric alert!”

  1. Thimbleanna says:

    Looks like you have lots of fun new fabrics in! Looking forward to your Jane class recap!

  2. Annalea says:

    Wow–those fabrics are something else! :o)

    I’ve liked on fb, too.

  3. Annalea says:

    And followed on Twitter . . .

  4. Annalea says:

    And I’ve resubscribed to the newsletter. (I think I was before, but not sure what happened–so you’ve got me again.) 😉