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Don’t Look Now!

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Big news….drumroll please…..Peak Hour from Riley Blake, designed by Kellie Wulfsohn for Don’t Look Now.  This artist has been a personal favourite of mine for some time – check out – the blog which I have hasn’t been updated in awhile, but you can see examples of her incredibly bright and cheerful raw edge applique.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to have this fabric in my hot little hands!

The Peak Hour fabric takes the need to do the applique out of the equation, in fact it can become a cheater panel which you edge the shapes if you choose.

I just started a new little quilt top for display purposes which I have to finish before I allow myself to cut into this….so I have to go sew quickly…..have a great Saturday everyone.

A coupla things…..

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Hello y’all (sorry, watching Swamp People new series while I write, adopting the lingo, I do believe…..).

Seriously, I prefer sewing to gator hunting.  MY sewing machine doesn’t bit, often…..

Did you know, if you are at all near Toronto, that Creativ Festival is at the end of April?  Go to the website,, tickets can be purchased online, which gives you an earlier admission (the serious shoppers are there and raring to go), there are classes and trunk shows, lots of stuff about several creative pursuits, and vendors of course.  If you use the code 234LC when you purchase the tickets that should also get you a dollar off the price.

Next up… you may know I currently carry Organic fabric from Daisy Janie……Jan, the lady behind Daisy Janie, has started a friday feature on her blog going into the reality of organic fabric, the farming practices etc., if you have a second go check that out, based on what I know of Jan I expect it to be very informative.  Daisy Janie  – I have linked to the first post in the series, consider following along.

TV show changed by the way, it is now heavy machines, Canadian Coast Guard vessel Ice King way the heck up north between Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, racing to save a passenger ferry with +200 souls aboard stuck in the Arctic pack ice, as with most reality tv (yeah right) I figure they will make it….

When not watching mindless drivel on tv I have begun the Creativ festival push…..lots of FQs to fold, and by way of booth decoration this year I am going with “quilts” and samples……the quilts are intended to show off available fabrics, I have completed 2 KFC quilts (did you just think what I did the first time I read that?  Admit it….).  I was reading Phillip Jacobs FB page, and he refers to KFC fabric, I swear I read that and actually thought fried chicken…….?  Don’t know about you, but here we have Kentucky fried chicken marketed as KFC…..anyhow – KFC 1 and 2……



Giveaway…and a new fabric alert!

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Hey guys –

So – Jane class recap later this week, but it was alot of fun, worth doing.  I liked day 2 Broderie work better than day 1, but there you go.

Now – enter the contest.  2 Prizes – a pattern and 3 FQs in each – like on FB, follow, join newsletter and reports, leave a comment stating which you did, an entry per comment is yours.

New fabric has arrived!

Not much to say, all Philip Jacobs except the Fassett Aboriginal Dots in Silver 2nd down on left side, each is from the March 2012 collection, feathers, Brassica, Cactus Dahlia and my personal favourite flower, Petunias.  Coming to the shop soon!

Jane Sassaman in Tdot…..

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Hey guys,

March break is over, the kiddos are back in school, dog is back from boarding….I am still playing hooky.  Today (and tomorrow) I am taking workshops from Jane Sassaman through one of my guilds.

Of course I don’t have any exciting pictures.  I wasn’t up to the multi tasking today.  First day back to school – you know the missing vest right in front of the child in need who cannot see it, tracking down all the freshly washed outdoor clothing (though we seem to be at the end of May weather wise right now), general slo motion, kicked off by the fact that the clock which was not changed, as we were away, with the time change, was my alarm clock….as the one who hauls little people out of bed I simply figured I was up early and turned over as it was a late night packing for the workshop and cutting orders which came in while we were away…..ARRRGH.

Anyhow – a respite from that (or a different frustration, creative one at least)……

We were supposed to make a sun and moons panel…we were supposed to use a solid or dotty background….we were supposed to use a compass/protractor/something to make even circles and doughnuts that were consistent…..anyhow, it was interesting.  I don’t have suns or moons, or the rays of the sun…but I will keep working on what I started.  It doesn’t look like this anymore, one day I may show you the result.  The technique learned was interesting, perhaps I will one day incorporate that.  There actually were some rules I followed, perhaps after the fact, but that is as good as it gets sometime with me.  I was glad to attend and look forward to tomorrow, it is intriguing to see what goes into the finished product, the time and deliberation behind each step….it certainly is a passion which Jane brings to what she does.  From my perspective you cannot fault the technical skills, and the artistic sense, colour value, subject matter and composition…totally unique.  This isn’t a designer recycling elements of other work or presenting solely or largely derivative work…..inspiration is received by all and as said by Jane things can be learned from the design greats like William Morris, or other media can inspire a quilt, but Jane is out there doing things her way.  Which in my books is very cool, and better that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

So – the good news?

Leave a comment on this blog telling me if you liked me on facebook, joined the newsletter on the homepage of the blog, or followed me on a reader, or posted this contest or linked to it somehow in your blog, for a total of four possible “chances” (one chance per comment please) prior to March 24th midnight EST.

This week the prizes up for grabs are donated by Free Spirit Fabrics.  Jane Sassaman is a designer for Free Spirit (they also have a blog, go check it out, lots of giveaways there).  In my shop I carry several Free Spirit designers in addition to Jane (Anna Maria Horner, Joel Dewberry, David Walker, Tula Pink to name but a few…..), the portfolio of work under this label is actually quite diverse.  So do check them out, any questions on that let me know.

So what is up for grabs?

2 prizes, which I will send wherever.  Each one is a pattern from Jane, and 3 FQs from the Early Bird collection.  So keep me posted if you are in the running or not……

The Magic…..

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Hi guys….I have to apologize, I am away with the whole crew due to the kiddos march break, allegedly where Magic resides (not too sure about that) – it does mean that orders will be a few days late, though I will make that up to people by sending packages quicker than standard….it also means I have asked fabrics orders to wait for my return… lastly means that I am getting some computer time in regularly.  One room, with 2 kids trying to sleep, and a husband watching the Leafs ignoble slide downwards in the standings on his phone….I get online, as it doesn’t make noise which would spring the kiddos back into action.

I did get the shot cottons loaded onto the site, I am going to remake the categories and make them one… the meantime you will also find them in the sale area, I figured I will spread the Magic around…..

Eye candy attempt number 2…

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012


A wine collection…..lose to my heart….check out the glass ring stains!

These are the matrix fabrics……or the fabrics in the matrix quilt anyhow…..

Last, well last for now, but not least, I just got in some shot cottons by Kaffe Fassett.  I have never used these before…..I also have some voiles (Anna Maria Horner) and Decorator weight (and size) Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett.  Some licensed kids also to come…..Picasa by Google is pretty cool for making these, alot less work that the real design software I have.

A new toy…..

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012


So I have a found a new toy.  One which works with my gimpy typing.

It is a new way of making tile collages to show fabrics.  I have to load these into the store yet, but figured I would share the eye candy, before I spend the day running around.

Above are new into the store Philip Jacobs fabrics

I have a few more of these, but WordPress uploads them and then vanishes them, this is a problem for later.  I have an anxious little girl ready to go open her first bank account….so we are off.