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Good thing I don’t drive standard right now…

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

A late soccer game tonight, playing net, a determined forward, and my middle knuckle (mainly) connecting with a cleat more than once…..

Nothing seems broken, but has to stay taped up tight for a few days to keep swelling in the joint down/out….I have done this before!

So, I had fabric to cut for a guild meeting tomorrow night, and for some new orders…..we  will see in the morning.

For you guys no fabric goodies, sorry, when I can type with both hands…..

Cheers, have a great week!

(Anna – it was a good weekend, crunched hand aside!)


When quilts speak…..

Monday, February 20th, 2012

This post originally was going to have a different title… was going to be “would you take the red pill or the blue pill?”, but in going through the photos for this quilt I realized I caught this picture…..

Do you see those characters in the bottom left?  The quilt-holder, being my mom, was speaking to me, and her Lab, and my LH Weim, both got quite interested in what the quilt was saying.  It was quite comical, as minutes before they had been tearing past, racing around oblivious to the quilt, and were brought up short.

The quilt features fabric which is pretty darn close to the Matrix…..and I am geeky enough that I find this endlessly amusing.

The top and side borders are computer circuitry, the bottom border is a keyboard pattern……the binding is Jane Sassaman and the perfect citrus-y yellow, the backing is from Riley Blake Happy and is the perfect green……uber-geek chic I figure.

Back to the question….which pill would you take?

Bake sale….check….

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Ok – I have quilter’s block.

There is mucho material to be caught up on (work) and many quilts swimming their way around my brain (fun), and I am successfully avoiding the weird march in january/february flu/cold/germ malaise everyone has, but it has required sleep to do it!

Since I got stuck on a quilt pattern that the test block made apparent simply won’t work, and my eldest daughter has bake sale tomorrow, I decided to get back onto that task, as cookies require much less math.

So – a shout out for inspiration goes to my blogland buddy Thimbleanna who in her latest post I found some scrumptious inspiration.  Unfortunately her recipe, put together with kids clamouring and volunteering to do it, an overgrown sinuous pup winding his way between me, my hands, and anything else (butter included).  Since he easily puts his paws on my shoulders and looks me in the eye (ok, rarely, but he uses it to make a point), and sleeps on the gel mat in front of the oven (which he is as wide as), baking is becoming more of an endurance sport.  And in the midst of this was my husband, who I think wanted to have a conversation but was also called to referee.  Long story short, one day I will make her scrumptious recipe (with enough butter!), as tonight when I took the dough out of the fridge after an extra 23.5 hours in the fridge it was a bit on the dry/stiff side once at room temp, so I started over and created these.

I made my husband taste test them….he survived.  I used a gifted sugar cookie recipe jar (which had sat too long perhaps, I had decided it was decorative a while ago but just changed my mind, it happens!), jarred and horribly artificial strawberry whipped icing, and m&ms.  The artificial strawberry ruins, to my taste, anything it touches, but my girls like it and it is pink (and was languishing in the fridge)….so it is done.

These are super cute and should make little girls happy, and I appreciated the inspiratoin from Thimbleanna.

The entire time plan b for the quilt pattern, for the 19 (yes, 19) fabrics in yesterdays blog swirled in my head, more on that later….

Some new goodies….

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

I admit it, I have fallen behind on a few fronts.  I am literally itching to sew, but must get store work done first.

There have been a few little goodies grace my doorstep….

These little lovelies (ok, not so little when there are 19 of them I admit…..) are meant to be nestled in a quilt together…..coming soon.

Keep an eye on the shop if you have a moment!