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I may need an intervention……

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

So – my wee-uns had a birthday party for a friend’s eldest, and as it is a family we are fairly good friends with, I decided that we are good enough friends that they could endure being the recipients of “a bag”, another by-product of the ever evolving pattern.  Hah – pattern sounds so deliberate and planned…I guess I can go with that.

This evolution had handles added, is much bigger, and has the outside pocket with an initial as well as 3 inside pockets.  YOu may also realize some delish Riley Blake fabric, the inside is lined with the light blue with big red dots print.  The tie is still there,

 For the birthday this got filled with crafty goodness (no batteries required)….and ignore the somewhat rough initial…At the onset of that brainwave I was convinced I had (and still have) Misty Fuse or someesuch somewhere, as I couldn’t find that I used spray adhesive…..that was messy and all over my thumb – my machine also wasn’t a big fan, so instead I recalled something I read somewhere in the innerwebs, and I used a glue stick… this sewing was over prior ripped seams and with a very sticky thumb!  Aside from the fact that sewing while keeping an ear on 3 little girls having a playdate (read sewing between tears and crisis) before the party…..hah – it was well planned.  Anyhoo, the bag is gone, all that is left is pictures.  Hopefully it is enjoyed.

Mod Tod is making progress.

 I am rethinking my well laid plans at present, I think I have decided against the planned second border.  We shall see….


Another Drawstring bag….they are addictive!

Friday, January 27th, 2012

I am not sure what I will do with all these…..this one is going to be redone incorporating an additional band of red, but I do like it.

Originally these came about in order to store yarn for knitters, inspired by this collection “Do Ewe Knit” by Timeless Treasures….to take the photo I was going to fill the bag with my yarn and my knitting project, which is seriously stalled, but I decided that was stretching reality a bit too far, I don’t want to give the wrong impression.

I love this print due to what is happening in the detail…..each little knitting Ewe is different…..

It is interesting that the fella getting the bald patch on his butt isn’t too concerned….

And this little doll already has her own knitting bag……there are a few more, and oddly they are each wearing different glasses.

At the same time I say I don’t know what I will do with these, I think I will be turning out another one tonight, my daughters have a friends birthday to go to tomorrow, and I think a bag full of goodies and crafty bits is on the horizon….beats wrapping any day!

I am mulling over kitting these, at least for the craft show in April, haven’t really decided yet…..

Oooh!  Two big boxes of fun, novelty type fabric are headed my way…..stay tuned!

Marchanuary…..enough already!

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

I am done with our WEIRD weather – rain or snow?  Who knows, it is minute by minute….so I decided to retreat to contemplating fabric (what a surprise huh?), and I pulled these lovelies out.

This is “Kiss the Cook”, and I am loving the bright, retro colours – I am thinking table runner.  I will have to keep you posted… the meantime enjoy whatever your weather brings….

Get together….and play with Jane….

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

So – I had some prints from David Walker’s “Get Together” line from Free Spirit fabrics arrive the other day, and I dutifully moved them to the fabric staging area…..while they waited to be ferried further I kept going past, and getting drawn in by the fabric….

Can you see why?  This is actually only one of the colourways – but I love the birdies with their skinny legs, and the little teeny dot of pink in the centre of the flower…Jane Sassaman weighs in with the green lining fabric – I am still loving her swirls from Early Bird…here are some of the other prints which I have in stock, a few more are on the site as well.

This is a fun little collection of prints, I have lots of ideas churning around….

Unfortunately I cannot update you on the Mod Tod situation – the cute little men in my life have spies that will do whatever those ladies can for them, and at least one of those ladies reads this blog….that is under wraps (but making progress!).  Soon I hope to have a pattern and finished product in order to debut quilt of the month for February…..


Inspiration has struck…

Monday, January 16th, 2012

I am happy to say I have had a convergence!  I now have several little boys I can sew for, one being a nephew with a birthday rolling into town soon, as well as a few other little guys.  So – that isn’t unique (well, the boy part is for me but there you go!), where this become notable is that I have had several people tell me I need to do quilt kits, in part  for the web store, as well as for shows.  And I need to sew for these little guys.

So – the inspiration has come thru Mod Tod fabric I have just got in from Riley Blake.  I love this line, it is a cream/orange/chocolate brown for little guys, very calm.  Which is the opposite of little boys I have learned as they get mobile…….

These are the bolts on the shelf…..I will be sorting out the quilt pattern and updating you soon.  The balance of the convergence is that I intend to post a “quilt of the month” kit each month, with pattern and fabric, for sale.

SO – more later, have a good week everyone.



Welcome to Bear Country

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

So – hope 2012 is off to a good start for all!

I spent the day puttering with the family and visiting with an old friend.

The inventory – not so much.  But I do have news!

Welcome to Bear Country – Precuts are in, still waiting on the yardage.  Will be in the store soon……