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Griswold Christmas Central…..

Friday, November 25th, 2011

So – Griswold Christmas update – house lights…one additional tactful matching string…clearly Mr. Christmas (as the girls refer to their father) is being very mature in his holiday decorating……whereas I am holding up the Griswold end of things.  Though I haven’t gotten into any eggnog….yet….or burnt anything down…yet…..I have done this…..

The sock monkey advent calendar project panel comes with directions PRINTED ON IT – nothing that you see above is referenced in THOSE directions……instead I am in the midst of constructing an advent calendar quilt….I can’t explain what happened.  Generally speaking I view instructions like I view speed limits, a suggestion, and figure that “MacGyver” is a legitimate step in constructing, building or assembling anything….this is a total departure though, impressive even for me in the departure taken from the plan…..oh well, an advent quilt (albeit a very non-subtle one) will be hanging on the wall soon I guess.

Do oyu guys know it is nearly December?  I guess any Americans reading this do, as they are enjoying Thanksgiving, but it was literally a revelation to me the other night, as I was contemplating my unfinished tree skirt quilt – not too mention the not even in existence yet tree skirt… occurred to me the advent calendar (that was the original plan) would have to be finished and on display prior to DEcember first, which is next week.  Is anyone else entirely unprepared for Christmas?

Now that we have established that….we move on…..


I was making a tree skirt with the delish Riley Blake …but….

Sunday, November 20th, 2011


I now fear I may be making a quilt.

It is ok, I have a plan b for the tree skirt.  I just can’t resist the Riley Blake.

This year my husband has the tree up (and the lights on, the Christmas cards done…and has been done for a week), the kids are calling him Mr. Christmas…..though I did notice that the 2nd house lit up, across and down the street from us, is pulling off a light display that may require an alternate power source….I am waiting to see if we engage in this competition or not.  It also means I have 2 little girls dying to decorate the tree…..for me it is simply too early for that.  And as we have a new fake one this year I thought I would get started by making a decent tree skirt, and use the Riley Blake I am loving (and putting in the store soon!).  The old tree skirt is one of those scary fake red velvet things, trimmed in green felt, both hideous shades…..plain embarrassing really.

Didn’t work, I may have made most of a quilt instead.

Oh well…..with 2 girls I need a mate for this one;




Still unpacking…..

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Well, they say timing is everything – so is the absence of timing nothing?  If that is the case then I have a whole bunch of nothing clogging up my living room…..I did finally evict my suitcase from the midst of it.  Somebody came home both too tired and weak to wrestle the beast up the stairs, and I am sad to say over a couple of days unpacking it on the main floor.  There is good reason for this, and it wasn’t simply that the “accident” that was sample spree made my bag to heavy.  Well, that is most of the reason, but the laundry is on the main floor and the suitcase goes to the basement, so I am sticking with the planning story……I guess what I need to do is show oyu picks of the sample spree haul.

I amy need a 12 step program before I can do that……or at least a nametag.

Anyhow – it was interesting to in sample spree get some fabric that, in Canada, I may only ever see either online or as art printed onto cardboard, if at all, prior to ordering it.  Case in point – Echino – Japanese fabrics.  There is a wealth of these out there, and I am not sure if I want to carry any of them yet as they are very specific, and only interest me at present, but at sample spree I picked some up so I could feel them and take them home to try them out.  My first reaction is it is a very different weight, and hand, but also very good quality.

In addition, and in this pic above and below the Echino, are an indigo assortment (below) – to me classic japanese in the indigo, and red i my favourite, so I am a sucker for it – this group is like my blue jeans and red sweatshirt I live in (yup, that’s me, a clotheshorse! NOT!!) whenever I can get away with it.  The prints at the top are a new collection by Nancy Wolff – a kids author/ illustrator – new to me, but again nice quality and colours….who knows, maybe in the store one day.

Who else fell into that bracket?  Anthology Fabrics – I couldn’t see them at all but grabbed a little fat quarter set at Spree – super saturated colours is my current impression, we shall see how it goes.

Last but not least….St. Ives – I am getting the cherry colourway, but grabbed an FQ set of this ans 2 other designers new collections at Lecien…again getting there fabrics isn’t easy…so I wanted to grab it, and it may make good 4 piece FQ giveaways down the road…..

Shades of Grey – I am very excited to be bringing in organics, more on that soon, it is nearly here!