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Quilt Market is done….

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Wow – what alot to see, and decisions to make.  Some are regretted already (sample spree), and some I am quite looking forward to (new products, projects, directions in the store).

It was quite interesting, and as I am sitting int he airport now and must hop on a plane very soon it will be a brief update in point form, pictures to follow later, though I didn’t take many…..

1 – I met with Primitive Gatherings, I am considering carrying their product in the store

2 – I discovered a new product line, Babyville Boutique, which I should be able to get in Canada and am considering carrying – very interesting waterproof fabric and findings for baby products

3 – I have lots of new fabric set to come over the next several months

4 – I have a purse project that has everything you need ot make a gorgeous purse contained in the package

5 – I have purchased a cuddle fabric kit……we shall see how that goes, may carry that.

There is more, watch for some fat quarters in the shop…..gotta go get on a plane.

Let me know what oyu think so far, there is more, and be sure to like Log Cabin Yardage on facebook so you can see pictures of upcoming fabrics as I post them.

Cheers, Nicole



In between conventions….

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

So – I have just finished our Creativ Festival here in Toronto, with the able bodied assistance of my friend Lisa and sister Natty.

We survived – the show was a blast, we had fun.  It was also a bunch of work.  I think next time we need to increase the booth size.

I enjoyed being at this show, along with the last 2 guild shows which I did, as it gives me a chance ot speak to people and figure out what interests them, as well as see what other shops are up to.  So I have my mental to do list.

Later this week I am off to Quilt Market in Houston, and back just in time for Halloween.

I intend to debut a designer of the month in November.  I will give you some info on the designer, and a discount on that designer for the month.  The plan is to start this in November, likely Nov. 15th – first one will be a half a month.

As well I am going to work on some kits and quilts using my fabrics…..a fat quarter club….and get some notions into the shop.

SO – keep an eye on this space.   I will post a Quilt Market update for those who are interested.

And as I simply cannot do a post without a picture, so check this out.  I have 2 lines on their way (possibly slowly, not sure yet) from a new supplier, who carries Fabric Freedom, which is a line out of the UK, imported.  Specifically I have one their way 2 lines, Deco Delight, remniscent of turn of the century lampshades, think Tiffany’s, and Floral Dance, which features a gorgeous red rose against black.  Looking at my order forms, and the account status statement I have, there seems to be a bit of a mystery with regard to one of the product codes, it is on my order form as Deco Delight, and on my account status as William Morris, so who really knows what is on it’s way!

Anyhow – here are a couple of pics of each line, they are on the site under coming soon for now, along with the others ordered.

Pardon the picture….

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Taken with the winning combination of my shaky hands and blackberry…..look what was awaiting for me when I got home!

 This should be the KING – in the house!

More pics once I am done inhaling my supper form Subway….

Tea for two……

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Look what I found when looking for girl’s novelty prints for the store, this is the cutest co-ordinated line…..possibly not the best picture though, my hands shake (and have for quite a while), it seems I can now confound the Nikon anti-shakey setting (lol), and the flash here has a wee bit of yellow in it…..I will have to bribe the in-house photographer for a better pic.

 I will get these loaded up as soon as I can, along with a bunch of other new fabric for fall sewing….though we had a weird weekend here weather wise for Thanksgiving it looks like things are headed back to normal for the fall this week, and in fact forecast to be a wetter fall then usual (of course a total about face from the prior forecast of warmer and drier than usual – but there you go!).

So – keep an eye on fabrics coming and a few project kits, as well as fabric covered journals, tote bags, and some Amy Butler thread.

In other news the baby long arm is up and running, after a fair bit of creative language and pretty much a thorough cleaning/overhaul (tweezers were involved), it was rocking on Sunday before headed to my parents with my husband and kids on Sunday.  In the car on the way up, along with answering “guess what mummy?” a total of a gazillion times, and laughing at my 4 year olds jokes which were hilarious to her, I only had to rip stitches out in 3 small areas, where the tension was totally off on the underside (due to my having to “fix” on several occasions while quilting), which isn’t a crisis as once things got going the balance was fine, and I was doing an all-over stippling thing so I can fill in the voids on my Janome and it won’t be noticed…..I will post a pick later.

Whew – almost a finish!


He puzzled til his puzzler was sore….

Saturday, October 8th, 2011


Pillowcase #2 & Creativ code

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Well, here is the 2nd pillowcase.  These are meant as samplers for the show, and the first one as it had the little Who girl was pretty girly.  So this is a boy option….

 We will see how this works out, they are dead easy to make.

For Creativ Festival in Toronto, the weekend of Oct 21-23 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre I have  a discount code for use online when purchasing tickets – 234LC – this gets oyu a $1 off the entry for both single and multi day admission.

In other news I started a christmas quilt last night using the Grinch fabric, I have to finish it off for kits, and I have to cut a few kits for my big Flurry snowflake quilt…..

And I have some new fabric which arrived yesterday with more coming today, so stay tuned!

Happy Fall Sewing…..

Elvis……rumoured and perhaps real????

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Ok, so I have been speaking to one of my suppliers, who let me down rather spectacularly, due to their not being able to effect their own delivery of the product I was after.  Though you may have all decided that I was delusional in some of the fabrics which I have previously told you were arriving, I am told my order is half in British Columbia, with the balance due next week… exciting is that?  It may actually make it to me before Creativ Festival – there is a chance.

 There are two more…..but you get the idea.

Terribly exciting, let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

Pillowcase #1

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

So – two shows coming up, and I have deduced that my fabric isn’t really the normal fabric one sees at a uqilt show, so I am thinking I should give people some ideas of what to do with it…..Voila!

This would be the first pillowcase I will put a couple of kits together for.  Arguably it may be a girl’s pillowcase, due to the little girl in pink, so tomorrow there will be a boy one put together, or sometime soon anyhow.

Plans also consist of non christmas grinch, and some space fabric which glows in the dark I am waiting for, and perhaps some from the Children at Play line.  It is good to have plans……


Fat Quarterly debut…..

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

So – a surprise fall issue of Fat Quarterly is out – and I have a project in it!  Well, a block, or my bizarre interpretation of a block.

Go and check it out – this is a monster issue, packed with projects, and at a discounted price.  You can’t even come close to a newstand publication for value, and they have a pdf you can download, or a flipbook.

It is very weird to (a) be asked to contribute to something and (b) seeing it actually come to fruition. I do sponsor Fat Quartlery, but still, it was weird.  So – if you go let me know what you think of my project – it was a setup where they asked a bunch of people to interpret a traditional block – there is alot of variety.  I am not like the others, but no one is the same, so perhaps it isn’t a hideous thing?

Anyhow – since fame and fortune haven’t managed to find my doorstep I ended up reassembling the baby longarm myself.  Seems that 1 – without watching the how to build it vhs tape and 2 – getting tools provided by my dubious husband, though he was frustrated that my tool requests consist of descriptions of what I want the tool to do, as opposed to using names for the tools….he did give me a pliers things which opens and contracts to fit around the nut (or bolt – who really knows…..), though I had asked for the one you use to adjust the kids bikes, with the open part on one end and the circle bit on the other….he also gave me a monstrously long level – but was impressed when I told him I will know it is level when the machine stops careening around and stays put!

The baby longarm is now esconced.  Next step is to load it – in my head it is all perfectly clear – that space and the real world seldom meet, they collide, so we shall se.  I will have to post a pic of baby’s new home, and I think it needs a name…..a nice name, unlike the names it may well get called soon!

Other than that no pics……I have to start getting sorted out for the 2 shows coming up …..RVQG and Creativ, then it is off to Quilt Market – how exciting – it is a critical mass of quilts and fabrics…….And I can check in 2 bags!  That isn’t good.

Expecting some fabric arrivals this week, and I will keep you posted on baby’s test run with an unquilted tumbler block quilt…..