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Michael Miller is in the house….

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

So –  This week has consisted of shuffling fabric into the new basement room, and moving bookshelves out of the sewing room, to make way for the baby longarm, which late last night I concluded is simply not going to fit into the spot it was destined for in a logical manner.  I mean it could fit, but moving around would require far more flexibility than I am likely to summon.

SO – there is room in the basement, in what was to be the office and has become my husbands lair #2, and general dumping room for stuff.  It needs ot be sorted out, and what better excuse to sort than trying to ram a bunch more stuff in, while moving some stuff out?

LOL – WE ARE NEVER MOVING!!!!!  It actually came up this week, as one of the neighbours sold for a very attractive price, but if we managed to sell for a good price we would simply be paying someone else a good price to buy their place, and I think I would prefer to stab myself than unpack our packed up house and move……

So, after concluding that WIPs shall stay as such for one more evening I started cutting and folding fabric for the 2 shows I have in October, the Rouge Valley Quilters Guild show and the Creativ Festival.  Seems i was stuck on new micahel Miller, which arrived the night before the last show and still has to all make it into the store.

Cupcakes and Doilies

And then an assortment of Children at play, there is more of this one…..

And the last bit an assortment, but to be honest I love this one – the guitars are very cool, and I love the pinks and reds working together, the colours of these are delicious

That was last nights entertainment…..more soon I am sure!

Have a good day now that we are over the hump, though it is still apparently not friday.

It is only Tuesday….

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

I keep thinking I am near the end of the week, or the weekend seemed to take forever….not too sure….

So – this weekend was a whirlwind – 1st skate for my older daughters hockey conflicted with my youngest’s hockey practice, so Mom got to lace up the skates and go out on the ice….we ran around SAturday, I honestly forget doing what, then went up north for dinner and let our new pup meet his 1 year old related pup off leash, they had fun.  Sunday more hockey…..and Mom drove across the city to buy this little pretty….

Not looking to pretty there, as she (it) is partly disassembled form the attic she happily worked away in, but it is a baby long arm on a beautiful frame…..hoping that some of the WIPs get finished, our test run went well so fingers are crossed.

Now we are simply trying to make room in this house for her……

Other than that Children at Play by Sarah Jane needs to get loaded, I am thinking of carrying batting and backing, and just generally trying to get psyched for my next show.

Yorkshire Rose Show –

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Hello to everyone I met at the just finished Yorkshire Rose Show – it was a last minute entry for me, but I am glad I got in, I met some wonderful people and a few new customers resulted.

Lots upcoming at the site…..A bunch of new stock arrived right before the show, so it went with but isn’t on the site yet, it includes some fun prints form  Michael Miller and the Sarah Jane – Children at Play series from  Michael Miller.  So keep an eye on that.

I have pre-ordered the new Amy Butler coming out in October, Lark, I will load that under coming soon and if you want to reserve it you will be able to.

Tomorrow I am going to a meeting for the York Heritage Guild I have just joined, they seem pretty serious and have some interesting seminar planned.

I signed up for Quilt Market – YAY!!! – October will be a blur, with my guild show, then Creativ, with the arrival of Amy Butler hopefully squeezing in there somewhere, then Quilt Market and home just in time (air traffic controllers co-operating) for Halloween……

A bunch of other orders have gone in, and I am going to update and inventory everything in the store, so keep your eyes on this space.

I have a finish – that is big news – I finally put the binding on the shower tumbler quilt – yay – it goes off to it’s owner tomorrow!

Have a good week all.



Ok – another one done(ish)……

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

So – I have finally finished the top I am working on in order to enter it in my guild’s show, and possibly a 2nd guild I am joining.

Now I have to quilt this sucker, once I decide on the backing.  I am also going to make a kit for it for Creativ Festival, at least that is the plan.

This was taken hanging on the fence, the colour in person is a bit brighter, and do excuse the fact that I seem to have caught the wind – I was more worried about tucking the weeds than come thru the fence into the yard down, and discouraging the puppy from investigating the quilt…..

That is about all the news here – I still have to bind the shower quilt – I have to start getting ready for Creativ (hmm no real plans as yet) – but I want to put together another couple kits for the show, so working on that one.

I helped out with our annual Lobster Boil my parents throw, then attended a baby shower today, and we are one week into school…..the wheels haven’t fallen off…..YET!


A finish………more or less

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

So – today was the deadline for the Fat Quarterly Design challenge block…….of course, this was helped by the fact that during the ~2 weeks I had to work on this my day job was busy, my kids went to camp to prep for the start of school today, I went tot Nova Scotia at the last minute for a family wedding, and to top it all off I came home unusually tired with a cold……then I decided i didn’t like my already half done block!

So this morning resulted in a new block, and there is an error in it……

Now – it is time to go back to the christmas quilt I was working on.  As I told my guild I was putting 2 quilts in the show i may want to finish one or two…….and I have to start prepping for the Creativ Festival, and catch up in the store as it is out of date…..

Talk Later!

There is a rock band …..

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

In my basement.

My husband and his buddies are practising.  I haven’t heard this group before.  They aren’t bad, especially given that the drummer isn’t there….they need practice but it is livable.

My daughters went to be with their guitars, thrilled that daddy is a rock star……that may cause other issues down the road but we will deal with that then!

Anyhow – time to stop procrastinating on a different front  – the Fat Quarterly ,,,

Wait – just got back from an interruption…seems my youngest, who NEVER goes to bed, she typically finally falls asleep after many trips downstairs and/or into our bed…..I had previously coaxed her into bed telling her she can play her guitar there…she broke a string!  I mean, seriously, how?  It was hardly tightly strung…..nothing a bandaid (no, there was no cut, at best a scratch on her leg) and assurance she can sleep in our bed can’t fix, though I can hear footfalls….

So – back to the sewing I am trying to do…..on the mainfloor, with none of my “stuff” from my sewing room ,as I am keeping our almost 3 month old puppy company, so he doesn’t cry….


Is going to become a large part of this…..

In theory.

That is my plan.  And in my day job it is a running jokes that I have layers of plans, in order to always be prepared when a plan blows up…..

So step back everyone, let’s see how this goes and please watch, but leave a bit of room so if (when) something explodes you don’t get messy…..