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ooooh this will be fun…..


These are the goodies which were picked up from the purolater man by my husband today…..lovelies aren’t they?

I am in the midst of procrastinating on several projects – I have to bind the tumbler quilt, do the quarterly block….and there is more….my guild is having a show in October, and the Christmas quilt I am working on is headed there, and I want to do something with this fabric as well for the show…..the catch is that the enrolment deadline is tomorrow…..though I am told you can enrol unfinished quilts – how about unstarted?


2 Responses to “ooooh this will be fun…..”

  1. Thimbleanna says:

    Oooooh you have the Cat in the Hat! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those fabrics. I have a stash that I’m hoarding — hoping someday to have some grandkids to share those fabrics with!

  2. logcabin says:

    Oh, one day I am sure you will….I love it, and have more on order, specifically the Grinch… is great stuff.