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WooHoo that was quite a lightshow!

So – southern Ontario had some unusual tornado warnings and watches last night, as well as thunderstorm watches.  The result was a good 2 hours of unbelievable lightning roaring across the sky, thankfully the power at our place only went off briefly the once.

I spent the first part of the storm try to finish quilting the baby shower tumbler quilt needed this weekend.  The quilting proved difficult due to my assistant – an approximately 12ish year old cat – who has become my shadow since the introduction of Mr. Max – decided that she wanted to sit on the quilt!!!!!

What the heck?

Have you tried to free motion quilt on a conventional sewing machine with a cat determined to sit on the quilt?

It doesn’t work.

I have about a quarter of the quilt left to go, and one night to do it.

In other news I came up with a design for the fall bear paw block project.  Now i need graph paper to see if my mental geometry works in the real world!

Have a good day.

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