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ooooh this will be fun…..

Monday, August 29th, 2011


These are the goodies which were picked up from the purolater man by my husband today…..lovelies aren’t they?

I am in the midst of procrastinating on several projects – I have to bind the tumbler quilt, do the quarterly block….and there is more….my guild is having a show in October, and the Christmas quilt I am working on is headed there, and I want to do something with this fabric as well for the show…..the catch is that the enrolment deadline is tomorrow…..though I am told you can enrol unfinished quilts – how about unstarted?


I missed the purolater man…..

Sunday, August 28th, 2011







He will be back, or more accurately I will be visiting the depot this week, to pick up these and a few more pieces from the Dr. Seuss collections…..over the course of the week I expect to be stocking pieces from each of the Cat in the Hat, Celebrate, and Grinch Stole Christmas lines…..not much else to tell you, other than my excitement over being able to stock this line…..I had the shower/party thing this weekend, and retained the quilt as it isn’t bound as yet, but the colours were perfect.

It was unbelievable to see such a little person so freshly minted, I can hardly believe mine were that small once upon a time…..

Also in production is the Bear’s Paw for Fat Quarterly, more on that later.

And Fall is definitely on the horizon, we are back to cool mornings and evenings, a reason to put on a sweater…..time for stews!

Have a good monday!
















WooHoo that was quite a lightshow!

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

So – southern Ontario had some unusual tornado warnings and watches last night, as well as thunderstorm watches.  The result was a good 2 hours of unbelievable lightning roaring across the sky, thankfully the power at our place only went off briefly the once.

I spent the first part of the storm try to finish quilting the baby shower tumbler quilt needed this weekend.  The quilting proved difficult due to my assistant – an approximately 12ish year old cat – who has become my shadow since the introduction of Mr. Max – decided that she wanted to sit on the quilt!!!!!

What the heck?

Have you tried to free motion quilt on a conventional sewing machine with a cat determined to sit on the quilt?

It doesn’t work.

I have about a quarter of the quilt left to go, and one night to do it.

In other news I came up with a design for the fall bear paw block project.  Now i need graph paper to see if my mental geometry works in the real world!

Have a good day.

I think I have ……

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Found my inspiration fabric.

 As some of you may be aware I sponsor over at Fat Quarterly, which is an awesome ezine you really do need to check out, and they have asked me to do a designer block.

The criteria I am working with are that is to be a “Fall” theme, and include the traditional Bear’s Paw block.  As well as be done superfast.

Of course the first weekend of the superfast quilting deadline for the block (along with the last weekend to work on the not-yet-finished shower tumbler quilt, was in fact spent gardening (not an adequate term for the labours undertaken frankly) at the cottage.  As an aside I came up with a strategy to conquer my gorgeous when in bloom-sgraggly the rest of the summer fall irises…..I dug them up.  I have huge bird’s nest patches of these, and as neaar as I can figure they are to be dug up frequently and seperated, as they only bloom off new growth at the edges, and the centers in my case we ant and weed infested nightmares with dead leaves.  I gave up on picking those suckers clean….dug um up and moved some, the last few I slammed delicately in the ground and there was one whopper of a storm starting – ended up finding out that was the same weather system which spawn a very rare southern Ontario Tornado yesterday….

Ok – back to the quilting – deadlines loom!

The fabric comes from an opportunity I had to buy some older Fassett, and actually butler though I only just ordered that so it will be a while yet.  Both of these designers I find to be pretty timeless, so look for it in the shop sometime.

Perhaps not tonight, we have had a neighbourhood watch group founded in my neighbourhood due to both the local drivers (not thinking of kiddos at all), and the local kids bored to tears ringing doorbells at 2am (whose children are out?) and carrying out breakins with info garnered on facebook likely regarding family trips (fortunately – though scarily – one parent hadn’t gone at the same time and awoke to find the 5 teenaged burglars in the house/bedroom……), so more worrying worldly things will take up this evenings “spare” time!

Have a good one all….

Wow it is August…….

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

SO – amongst the summer hurtling along, with family and work and too little time at the cottage, aside form some new fabric orders and arrivals that have snuck into the shop, I have news………..

 Mr. Max…..his “real” name is Colray’s Shultz Maxmillan, my girls were determined to call their dog Max.

Sadly a summer student in my office asked where his name came from, I said Hogan’s Heros, he looked at me dumbfounded, and instead of speaking to his dad (one of my business partners) to find out what I was on about he assured me he could google it, using the “innerwebs”……. kids are so damn funny!  The summer has been like that, people are joking and relaxed, though busy – helpfully I asked whom the female singer who recently passed away was, one person in my office actually answered, another offered Mama Cass……at which I burst out laughing at, at least I know whom that is and what she sang (before my time technically, but anyone in southern Ontario will get it if I say my music taste is firmly within the playlist of Q107…….)

Anyhow – still plodding along with the shower gist for the dance teacher – I have started stipple quilting it, and oh my gosh how we get used to things…..I have a Janome machine at home, and at my cottage I have my “old” Brother, which isn’t that old or a bad machine, but a much shorter arm – I cannot quilt on it, I get far too frustrated, it isn’t as smooth, I actually founda rythym free motion quilting with the Janome so the spacing isn’t horrible (as long as I stay between tortoise and rabbit, not at rabbit….), I imagine that if I ever get a long arm I will be truly spoiled!

I have a second “hobby” which I never write about here, but if you read alot of quilting blogs, I used to read more, but have tapered down to only a few, especially as I haven’t figured out how to use a reader or rss feed or anything….. there is a theme, with handicrafts and cooking appearing together.  So today, inspired by ThimbleAnna I bought a new book, on ice cream, which she has written up, called Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at home.  I also bought one about preserving/canning called Put em Up…..both deal with food challenges in our house, I have lactose intolerant girls, who can get either vanilla or chocolate ice cream admittedly, but as I can now get lactose free heavy cream at the grocery that opens up the wonderful world of homemade ice cream which I had given up on, as without cream the resultant ice cream just isn’t the same.  Put em up I bought as I am unsure how to can bbq sauces I make myself – my husband has a vertigo condition which means virtually no salt/sodium in his diet, we have found out the hard – call an ambulance – way… no prepared sauces AT ALL.  And how to keep the ones I make…..I bought a pressure cooker to pressure can, but I grew up with my mother using one with a degree of trepidation as hers had a seal gone (one of them) or a wonky pressure top thingy… I am half concerned tha tI can take an innocent cooking appliance and turn it into a bomb….we shall see…..but I can do a hot water canning bath with little risk of explosion or permanent damage, so there you go.

I promise there will be some sewing, and there is a glut of fabric on order, some new basics on their way right now actually, and a few things I haven’t posted to the store, but I am seriously feeling the summer hurtle past so lagging in the sewing world.  Coming home the other night at 8:45 pm was bittersweet, I looked up to a beautiful darkening turquoise blue sky, with an almost ethereal light, a thick mist rising in front of the trees bordering the farmer’s field (which on the other side are behind my house), towards a full moon.  But that full moon went yellow the other night, not a chilling harvest moon, but on it’s way.  Of course I rushed home to find my camera and turned the car around, but in that 5 mins the light had totally changed and the magic was lost….

So, keep sewing, back at you soon, after my farm fresh strawberry ice cream – there has to be a way to get my eldest to eat fruit!

Summer rolls on….

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

I am hosting a cottage BBQ day for my girls dance buddies, to be attended by the teacher, who has just had a little girl.

As a welcome ift for the new little girl I thought I would do a baby blanket, and started this umbler number before the long weekend.

It was a doozy, e had 2 couples with 4 kids join us, bought a spit roaster BBQ and did chickens then a pig, and then this week picked up our newest family member, a little Long-haired Weimaraner male puppy….a picture of the work in progress will have to suffice for productivity for now….