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You wouldn’t believe it……

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Where do you think this picture is from?  Where is this?

  If you are related to me, or work with me you can’t guess.

But let’s make it a contest – the answer is pretty amazing.

I will send the winner a couple of FQ’s, in case you have air conditioning and want to hide inside form the heat and sew….

It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas…..

Friday, July 15th, 2011

SO – I have started a new project.

This is going to be a Christmas/holiday themed star quilt….right now it is using 2 prints from Flurry….the format is fairly large for me.  Not sure about that.

I am considering entering a quilt in my guild’s show this october, something I have never done, so this would be a candidate.  As well I am going to put together quilt kits for the guild and Creativ sales this fall, and this is a pattern based entirely on squares and hst’s that has started out going together pretty quick… this is a seasonal kit candidate.

That is about it right now…..I will keep you posted as it comes together.

I can’t believe I am doing this….

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

SO – how is oyur weather?  I made a quick detour on my way home…more to come on that.

When I got back in my car the temp gauge said 35 degrees.  It should just say BLOODY HOT, and being southern Ontario, MUGGY ALSO.

SO – why had I even left my air conditioned car which I had just crawled home thru rush hour traffic in?  I went to Costco – to buy one thing.

Who has done that?  Have you ever bought just one thing?

One of that add ons, as it is a great deal and will sell out (sadly, there were several others like that, and I didn’t even go to the magazine aisle….), was a snowsuit for each of my daughters.

Yes, you read correctly.

A SNOWSUIT!!!!!!!  Great price, awesome quality….how surreal.  I didn’t make them try the suits on tinght 😉

SO – how does this relate to sewing?  I have a few non summer additions to the store, or additions soon, but here which I am going to play with.  The first is more Flurry……this is what I will play with.  But I am going to mix in some Santa’s Little Helper.  The Ghastlies also came, but I think today is a winter sewing day….the theory is if the theme of the sewing is cool…then I will be cool????

Who knows.  Stay cool in this heat everyone….pics to come soon.  But here, think cool thoughts.


Thursday, July 7th, 2011

My goodness.  In embarking on this fabric business journey I wasn’t thinking that summers would be that huge, as people are busy (at least up here with warm weather), but the fabric is trickling in.

I have some exciting news – the Ghastlies are on their way here, may arrive tomorrow.  That manufacturer, who is usually really slow, whipped those suckers out pretty quick.  And there is some Flurry which has just arrived I have to put in the store, and more coming.

In other (still exciting) news, I have my first arrivals from a new supplier I signed up with.  I have received the Disney Pooh, in cotton and flannel.  I also have the CUTEST little boy flannel, I can’t find an online pic so will simply take one in the next few days and post it, as well as one for girls.

Lots of stuff coming, here is a pic just to give oyu a pic, it is Flurry.

I really like this line, I am just not sure I can do Christmas yet……but it is coming!

Woo-hooo hellooooo

Monday, July 4th, 2011

So – sorry about that.

Happy Independence Day and belated Canada Day!

There are things happening here.

I have some Disney fabric and flannels on their way.

Yes, seriously, flannels, as hot as it is out right now.

Also – new Santa’s Helper from Moda coming, and more Flurry.  On a different note also the Ghastlies!

This should all be in this week.

And look for the new categories on the website to get populated – Fat Quarters and PreCuts.

The home page has been changed around a bit, the choices at entry are Yardage, Fat Quarters and PreCuts.  These will be populated shortly.  Keep an eye on this.

I can’t leave you without a picture….

This is one of the fabrics on order….I was told that all the Disney I ordered has been shipped to me, but I don’t know what that means yet…hopefully this is one of them…..we shall see – it is a Disney release in a couple weeks in theatre…..