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Hah! A test…and an update….

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

So – I had plans….plans which included sewing – those are now out the window. ¬†I survived another dance competition weekend (!) ūüėČ the girls all did well and most importantly had fun. ¬†1 left to go.

I had wanted to finish up the latest quilt top I am working on – didn’t happen – had hoped ot take it to guild meeting tomorrow night, oh well. ¬†I have to send Fat Quarterly some photos of project s- this request caused me to pull out my projects/wips and get very distracted….I am going to add a border to one I have decided isn’t done….and found a backing – a batik! – but didn’t get that done. ¬†I have been mulling over a shower gift for our much beloved by my girls dance teacher….I decided it isn’t going to be a baby quilt (did that for her first), but I am now contemplating a tutu onesie (it is a girl expected), we will see how that goes. ¬†I have an embroidery machine I have never used and want to try.

This is amongst work, kids, family and spring cleanup/”low maintenance” gardening at both the house and cottage (a gorgeous perennial garden which I have been playing catch up with since day 1 – and always will be I know. ¬†But it is fun, containers already done, bought baskets today to hang, and on the exciting side of things I found brackets that fit the railings the builder used, I can put baskets on the deck rails now….

So – this morning, before dashing out to the dance comp – I took a pair of denim shorts which were hand me down, had a bleached bottom, which my eldest won’t wear, and I cut them open, and restitched after some trimming was done, to be flat for a skirt. ¬†I have been requested to add some ruffles in blue (she has abandoned pink very resolutely) and I will add some fancy beading I think.

To the rumbing of an approaching thunderstorm I am going to head back upstairs and play with fabric, hopefully more productively than the other night when I simply sorted and played with layouts from a Momo layer cake….

A half hour stolen….

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Anyone who happens to be a longer term reader of this blog will recall the issues I had with my eldest taking over my bed in her nocturnal wanderings….well now my youngest does it as well. ¬†But the sewing machine is about 5 feet further away.

Tonight I decided I had to do some sewing – between a quickie trip up to the cottage to clean up from the winter and chop down a tree, a visit to friends, a party for my eldest’s birthday, work getting very hectic, and teaching a fiend to quilt…..did I mention my house is coming unglued, and the gardening has all started at both place? _ I said, once everyone was to bed, screw it, I want a half hour to myself I am going to sew. ¬†Which I did, shushing the machine at times and cursing the automatic cutter, which sounds all fancy but is noisy, and if you don’t use it my very fussy machine frequently elects to eat the material subsequent to a person manually cutting the thread with scissors….SO….sew I did, husband and youngest asleep….But I cannot cut in the dark, so when I ran out of material that is what I did.

I had the black border on , but decided I wanted more, specifically more width, and the sharp eyed amongst us may be able to spot the new Batiks sneaking into the chevrons……

Anyhow, it is late, enjoy your week everyone (if you are a Canuck heading in to your monday on a tuesday it makes sense….)

Back to fabric work…..

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

This is me….

Outside of my hotel last night – I have been in the Big Apple for work for 3 days – I left on Mother’s Day (not great) and am on my way home tonight late. ¬†The weather, what I saw of it at night walking to and from dinner was lovely, apparently unusually warm. ¬†This big billboard was above the buildings across from my hotel on Times Square.

I haven’t been to New York in a long time, it has certainly changed in many ways. ¬†I didn’t have time to appreciate the changes, or see the 9/11 memorial, but things like part of Times Square now closed to traffic, bandstand seating, incredibly visible Police and FDNY presence, security everywhere – New York paid a terrible price, but there has been effect. ¬†The need for the police etc. is unfortunate, but you also feel you can walk down the street much more safely than the last time I was here many years ago. ¬†The hotel I stayed at is the one someone tried to bomb a year ago, and due to recent events they on also on a security alert, but my visit passed without any excitement.

So while breif it was pleasant to see what is truly one of the great cities in the world, Toronto seems but a baby in contrast, and hopefully it won’t be so long before I come back again.

Fabric news – a few more precuts should arrive this week, there will also be a bit more Bali, I have to do an inventory of the store, and then things will quiet down a bit as we hopefully embrace summer.

More soon!




Let’s go to Bali…..

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

SO – I did something I didn’t figure I would do – I ordered some Bali Batiks.

These are very cool in actual fact.

So Рthese are handmade either using handpainting or Batik dying by hand.  In Bali.  Then spread in the sun to dry.

So these are literally handmade, and while they may be similar they are each unique, re-ordering the same colour group would not guarantee the same product, just something close.







So – join me on this new adventure, as long as the fabrics are bright and lively I am going to keep investigating……coming to the store soon…..


FQ’s figured out…

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Ok – I have listed the first FQ package in the store, it is for Sherbet Pips……

There will be others, this one came about as I am catching up on the store (a bit) and finished listing the Pips, so I also did an FQ listing.  I think I will make a category on the site for FQs.

Stay tuned……

Check out what the UPS man had in the box….

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Ok – these boys were in the box………they are very long overdue…….there are several more similarly attired (or not) in the repeat…..these boys are destined for several aprons by BobBot DeeVine I believe……

Anyhow, more goodies in the box….unpacking after voting and wrassling the monsters into bed may replace sewing…..though I am thinking I might play with something while I watch the election results tally…

So my plan is to back some scraps with fusible interfacing, then cut the fused material into shapes, then fuse those shapes onto the as yet undetermined backing, then applique stitch those fused shapes onto the backing….it is good to have plans!

Anyhow – Sherbet Pips will get loaded, along with some other bits and pieces. ¬†I spoke ot the warehouse today, Flurry and Santa’s Little helper precuts for Xmas aren’t until June….perversely I want them now….but I will wait!

Amish ending to the weekend….

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Well, another weekend down. ¬†Not as much sewing as I would have liked… was #1 monster’s first dance competition for the season (2nd season) and her first solo….despite the 100 blue butterflies she told me were in her tummy and not wanting to dance prior to, as the time neared her teacher tells me she was climbing the curtains backstage with excitement, and she says it was the best part of the day….she did great. ¬†Not something I could do at all. ¬†Today was both girls at different times, #2 ventured north to check out storm damage at the cottage (we have had real high winds) and visit nanny and papa, while #1 helped me cook, peeled potatoes and tried the resultant curry…..#2 and I coloured and played later.

So – tomorrow should bring some Sherbet Pip yardage, and a few other bits and pieces…..I have taken the plunge and ordered some batiks, as well as a few precuts for fall lines……I am going to do a little post featuring those fall lines. ¬†I will also do a full one on the Pips. ¬†As well as the preview precuts I also had ordered precuts for Kate Spain’s Flurry and Santa’s Little Helper….so it may be that May brings showers in the end, of precuts, as the timing for all is about the same.

So – my current personal amusement? ¬†My HSTs made up of Bella Solid (by Moda) black (which is a lovely truly deep and dark black), and a Charm pack of Moda Marbles in the Citrus colour group. ¬†There was no plan when I set out on this, I just decided to make some HSTs. ¬†I wasn’t sure about the black pairing either, just figured it would pop the brights of the Citrus collection….and it does. ¬†So – I planned it out on my kitchen table, then I drove myself nuts trying to put it back together in order upstairs, and did some seam ripping….I also lost track midway of what my pattern was to be, and I added two rows….


This has changed a bit, the central diamond is now off centre, and I will echo the black border at the ends but thinner….I am right now torn between some additional halo borders or bright solids, maybe alternating with black…….or doing a little rail fence type of border, but the current charm pack is running very low……I could also make hst corners as I have a couple left, but I don’t know that I want to do that…, I am finishing the weekend with no real direction for my Amish inspired experiment……Enjoy the week all, check back for an update on a few fall lines I like the looks of, and an idea of timing on the precuts, especially Christmas!!!!