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The other news……

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

No – I wasn’t being coy.  Those that know me know that I am totally incapable of anything remotely that subtle!

I had to go to bed.

Very simple.  Anyhoo – Monster 1 crawled very non-subtlely over me just past 6 am to tell me she had to be at school by 8:30 “sharp” for a field trip…..grrrrr….so here is the news, typed to the accompanying roar of more electric guitar from the basement….

So – I am a sponsor of the Fat Quarterly Ezine!

Check it out, it is a very well written mag……and very much worth the subscription price!

Other than that…..remember these suckers?



Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Well hardly…….but I have definitely been not updating this blog/store the last few days, it has been busy, and I wasn’t feel great either, so productivity was limited to ensuring the children survive, the house didn’t fall in, and my day job kept perking along, and that is at about 150% frustration level.

…….sorry…..I just got up to check something……frantic yapping/barking at the back of the house… isn’t behind my house, that is officially greenspace, formally the marshy forested end of a farmers field, we get deer, owls, birds, raccoons(who tried to move in this weekend – different story) but the woods makes the sound bounce around……not too many dogs in the hood either, not big ones at that….this sounds like possibly more than one, other times I have heard it VERY late……neighbour tells me he saw a coyote stalking a deer……who knows.  Very weird.  I opened the sliding door to try to listen thru the screen.  The grassflies are out.  Our temps have been up and down but there were clouds of them this weekend, and the storms we are having aren’t bugging them, the kitchen light was attracting them…..ICK!  At least now they are big enough they can’t crawl thru the screen.

So – I have some news!

These guys, and a few more, are on their way here on the bolt!!!!  And I will be getting some more charm squares and layer cakes.

So – what else is new?

Well, I just got the Moda Spring line up catalogue – Oh My!  Is is stuff that stocks as late as Sept., none of it is Christmas (but I ordered Flurry so that is ok) but it is a delightful book to devour then linger over….planning……scheming…..this isn’t good.

And there are a few that I may love, and there are precuts delivered well ahead of the yardage (as it seems Moda has taken to doing – not sure about that) so I think I will order charms and layers (the strips 1 – don’t sell and 2 – are not fun to ship cost effectively).  So watch this space, I will tell you what I order anyhow!

So – my other news I will leave until tomorrow.  I can no longer hear Top Gear, which I am trying to watch as I write this, due the to the electric guitar being played under me in the basement…………..I think someone needs to be given headphones for that amp thing he has…


Here is the other coming soon…..

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Well, this little guy won’t likely land until about June, it is a May release, but that is in the States.  Takes time to make it up here and thru the border.

Anyhow – this is the Santa’s Little Helper line from Erin Michaels.  I have ordered several pieces of this.  I am most excited about an Advent Calendar panel – you make a fat little sock monkey, and a bunch of pockets, you then applique the pockets onto a background fabric with some interface to strengthen it.  Should be fun.

Other than that – week is winding down.  I have promised/threatened the monsters that we can sort out their rooms this weekend……we will need to work off the chocolate energy!  I am hoping to list some fabrics in the store this weekend acquired from BotBot DeeVine…she gave me some of her stock in an exchange, so I will list some 1 yard pieces, and may have a few FQs, we will see.  It is pretty funky stuff!

Everyone – please enjoy your easter, I may check in with you over the weekend……

Are you ready for Christmas????

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

LOL – Ok, perhaps not.  But this is on it’s way!!!! (Along with the man in red, and if you live in southern Ontario also snow in fact may be on it’s way – AGAIN!!!)

I was a busy Log Cabinee today – last night on of my sales reps was so good as to drop off a bunch of her Christmas sample headers, amongst other things, so I spent last night and tonight once the monsters not only went to bed but stayed there, making some fabric choices.  Once those orders are confirmed I will post them in “Coming Soon”.  To be honest the store needs a post show overhaul and inventory, as well as the listing of FQs in their own right, not just a 1/4 yard option.

So that was one thing……more excitingly, and bizarrely – I was cyber-attacked!!!!!  How weird is that?  I am not even convinced too many people read this stuff, or follow the goings on in the store (but those who do are appreciated, don’t doubt that!).  But someone hacked my site through WordPress!!!! There is apparently some degree of vulnerability in wordpress.  Now, it didn’t harm the site, or paypal, or anyone’s information, it was an attack to set up “phishing” sites using plausible but fake url’s.  Anyhow – don’t panic – and the various computer experts behind the scenes (please, trust me, there are many, it definitely isn’t me!) sprang into action and took care of everything extremely quickly.  So everything is fine now.  But how bizarre was that?  And if you are wondering, no one made any purchases during the ~1 hour window that the site was affected, so again, don’t panic, and email me at  So aside from being a total pain in the ass, the experience was a bit weird.  As my brother put it, when I told him the wee little yardage shop was hacked – “Why?”.  Frankly he is right – the wee shop isn’t that big!

So – last little itty bit o’news – a new supplier!

I have found another supplier whom, if all works out, will replace my access to licensed (kids) lines, as a different supplier dropped those, as well as Riley Blake stuff, and a really neat fabric house named Anthology – the latter being very colourful and detailed fabrics that I am anxious to see swatches of…..

So – back to the current damage done – it is a 3-parter – 1) yardage for Sherbet Pips, as well as more pre-cuts, those keep selling out 2) a bunch of yardage from Kate Spain’s Flurry (I love this collection) and precuts, and lastly 3) Erin Michael’s Sock Monkey Advent calendar, yardage and pre-cuts.  I also picked up (or hope to) a few bits and pieces of discontinued lines, but we shall see.

So – is it too early to start the quilter’s Christmas countdown?



Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Ok, I survived.

That was a first for Log Cabin Yardage (and myself and able bodied assistants Natty and Lisa).  In our other lives both Lisa and myself have done trade shows, but this was a first, to be at one selling things.

Log Cabin got an enthusiastic reception, and it was interesting to see what people who attended the show liked.

Overall the yardage in the shop is fairly different from that at other quilting shops, on the whole we are much brighter.  There was some crossover with a fabric store which was situated nearby, but not alot.  And in the fall I will request that we are not kitty corner to each other, though our prices were competitive.

I met a few interesting professionals between a pair of sisters with beads, an interesting quilt shop not far from me, a pair of friends nearby running a small business doing baby quilts, and a shop a ways away that had some very tempting longarm machines…..another day for the latter.

So – we learned alot, especially Natty, as regards to what the market is looking for.  Natty got a very enthusiastic reception to her custom and unique aprons, but it was also very clear that the market wants kits.  So keep an eye, those will be coming to her page on the site soon.  In the pic below you can see one of them.

All in all it was fun, I learned alot, and I met lots of interesting sewists from all over the world, as well as a few of you guys who have ordered from the shop before.

So – next up is the fall Creativ Festival where I will likely teach as well.

On the todo list in the short term is inventory, restocking on a few prints that sold really well if I can, and making a decision on Christmas material.  I also have chats going on with a few new wholesalers and may be bringing some new design groups to the store soon, I will keep you posted.

Of course this picture isn’t bright……I had a little French General corner, but the only pics I took with the booth fully stocked were so I could see what was left friday night and figure out what to cut for Saturday…….the other pics I took were before the BotBot Deevine aprons went up in the booth, so the clotheslines look very bare.

Here I am……..

Monday, April 11th, 2011

This is keeping me busy!

Getting ready for the Creativ Festival – if you are in Toronto this coming weekend stop by and see me in the booth, #155.

Buy your tickets online for a discount and early access.

Other than that…..what to say?  Spring has sprung, so weekends have been busy with the monsters, a new bike and the handing down of the old one…last sunday I discovered what happened with 2 little girls and a large container of bubbles left to their own devices in the their backyard, complete with climber gym….and my husband thought I couldn’t put their sneakers in the laundry!

Little visitors have appeared……

SO – while folding today with the door open to catch a pic of the flying visitors I was playing in the kitchen, but there has been precious little sewing of late… HST’s are done, haven’t decided how to set those as yet, hourglasses or framing a central square is as far as I have gotten, I am going to steep clear of another zigzag (though squares on point is tempting)…..I will let y’all know as soon as I do…..