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The monsters get in on the crafting….

So – no fantastic quilting pics, I have had a great affair with a head cold this week (and couldn’t believe the forecast tonight was for snow – AGAIN) and had some emergency sewing requirements.

Specifically Harry/Seamus (monster 1’s puppy doll) and Ziggy (monster 2’s smaller puppy doll) needed pillows.

The youngest was early sunday before last rustling around in my fabrics, which I left her to, curious to see what would happen.  She found some cupcake fabric she loved.  It resulted in a request for pink cupcakes to look like one of these last week, and she finally agreed that a cupcake pillow would be a good idea for Ziggy.  And she very deliberately picked the cupcake liner fabric.

Number 2 wanted an ice cream cone pillow so designed it and chose the fabrics.  Next step is to put the sprinkles on (seed beads hand stitched – she is learning hand stitching in school).  

The good news is both dolls now need blankets.

But I had to laugh at my little quilter who said “mummy – we will just take little squares of fabric and sew them together, no problem”

SO – I am off to cut some fabric for my next project….

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