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The Basics Charity Challenge…..

SO – no quilty updates today, posted/ing a few more fabrics and precuts, wondering where this wind is headed, it is roaring again tonight.  Yesterday 2 project sites, one in northern northwestern ontario, one in central northern ontario both felt the effects of the wind and snow, the trans-canada near one was closed, aircraft for both were grounded….we won’t speak of the temperature.  My daughter today, while we were buying replacement winter boots, was astounded the sports store stocked summer stuff and wanted to know why.

Now – a charity update.  I finally managed to drop off a ridiculous amount of hotel toiletries to Herizon House today, they will put it to better use than I, and toiletries are much needed.  While there I asked if they could use very gently used, good quality kids clothes, or what else would help.  The lady mentioned they literally just had a lady just have a baby, and of course she has nothing.  Well – I have had my eldest’s newborn stuff go through her, her sister, her cousins and one friends kid – but as you may know or recall babies hardly wear stuff out at that age.   So – while exploring/decluttering (we are stuck in the maddening stage of making a bigger mess of the house while trying to organize it) my basement I went right to the stack of returned newborn stuff, threw in a few receiving blankets (possibly liberated from the hospital with #1) and a snowsuit (how appropriate), car seat cover thing and a little snuggle doll thing, filled up a big bag and went back to the shelter.   The lady there was quite surprised I came back – I had to go out again anyhow as my grocery trip once I got home was revealed to only be half done – and quite happy to take the stuff in.  So I asked her if by any chance the baby was a girl…..she is checking and getting back to me.  It is win/win, they will use it, and it isn’t in my house.

So – please go to Cara’s quilts – I can’t figure out how to do a link in here……advice?

But her blog post is (seems I may have done a link?  scary huh?).  It will give you pause to think how little effort it takes to affect the lives of others somehow, pay it forward a bit.  I am not unrealistic, we all have our daily challenges and despairs, but it could always be worse, we are generally fortunate in some way.

As well it is a great giveaway, though I think you will agree that isn’t the motivation, if it is the cause the triggers the effect so be it.

Now here is a funny one…..I was visiting friends this morning, and their 10 year old was regaling me with technology and her Isomething – the one that isn’t a phone but looks like it?  And she reels off how she is texting her friends, and buying apps…..of course she regarded me with a look of surprise when I told her I had an Ipad – of course doing work and reading books on planes wasn’t very cool, nor was the ability to look up recipes and have the Ipad instead of the work laptop on the counter getting messy….the whole encounter brought into stark relief that the world has changed since I was 10….and I am not excited to contemplate what I will be struggling to keep up with, or on top of to protect, my 10 year old when I get to that day in several years……there is a reason for red wine I guess.

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