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Day 5 and 6 – 2011 – Dejavu……

Day 5- Ok – last night we know what happened….I spent the evening with my stitch ripper removing binding while Team Canada vanished in the 3rd period….and a mini fan came downstairs for the end, then off to bed with me, so no further sewing.

Day 6 – Finished! And in between my 2 trips downstairs tonight the Leafs went from 5-1 ahead to tied at 5…..the other part was I also was resewing the binding tonight…..binding apparently jinxs hockey games for both the red and white and the blue and white….please make a mental note!  And a certain little lady was allegedly sleeping in my bed, but apparently chats in her sleep.

See – hockey and little ladies readjusting their bedtime does little for quality late night sewing time….

So – here is a pic of the finished pair.  I am going to run them through the wash in the next load, hopefully get some delish wrinkles and puckers…..I will also test the heat proofness of the silver batting…..It is a good thing I figured this out, I owe one of my two sisters -in-law a belated sewn Christmas gift.  Belated not due to my spectacular organization and time management skills….belated as it is to be made with the Java fabrics by Deb Strain, combined with the Benartex Java Bistro in the store, and the Java line is late, but on it’s way now.  Their kitchen is completely coffee-themed and it is something they both love, fancy coffee drinks (I, on the other hand, will take coffee any way I can get it, the blacker and stronger the better….no need to be fancy, mainlining coffee would be ideal!)

The blue and orange solids are Bella, the printed oranges are cut from a twice the charm package of Farmer’s Market, still have a couple of those onhand which will be in the store.  A tutorial will also be coming, I am going to try and do a pdf document for download, not sure how yet….

3 Responses to “Day 5 and 6 – 2011 – Dejavu……”

  1. Natty says:

    You said that you used the silver batting. Is it just the one layer?

  2. logcabin says:

    2 layers used, silver side out. I took a picture (but didn’t post it…will show it in the pdf tutorial….so the theory is silver is on both sides, and 2 layers of batting should give some insulation….

  3. Natty says:

    If you have some time can you send me a pic of the kind of batting you used? It doesn’t sound like your silver batting is the same as the kind that I have….