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Day 26 – travel home, Day 27 some pics

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Ok guys – look at this!

How would that be for stash enhancement?  That is alot of fabric, and there are rows and rows of this stuff.

It is delivered in these big rolls, which are cut down onto the cards that I receive them on.

On the bottom left is the machine that actually does it, the green fabric is being cut.

This s more of the rolls arriving.  It is a ton of fabric !!!

SO – tonight I contemplated finishing a flimsy, but I think I am going to start another project instead….I have to do the Java Christmas gift, but I want to do something else……..

Days 22-25 in Vancouver….but….

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

So, I spent the bulk of my time here working on my day job, but I had a window of time and went out to one of my wholesalers based in Vancouver yesterday, and found some cool new fabrics.  I picked up alot of basics, stripes, checks and dots, as well as a quantity of black and white.  Additionally I got some solid colour collections in charm square size.  So – new, new stuff will be coming to me next week, but I am also going to be away next week so it won’t be posted for a few days.  And it is Deb Strain fresh flowers on its way, it looked really good in person, as well as Max & Whiskers and le petit ecole by French General.

Can you see what that it?  I spent an hour int he dark before dinner just as Granville Island was closing, and saw this in the window of a fibre studio…that is some crazy weaving talent going on there.

I also revisited a store which specializes in hand dyeing and block printing textiles, along with lots of lovely yarns from all over the world in merino and cashmere etc. (but, for the record, I don’t knit well at all), and I picked up some stuff to block print fabric with my kids, I will show you the blocks tomorrow, and we will see how it goes.

I am headed back home, to my daughter who is over the flu, and a husband who had the worst flu of his life.  Myself and the little one are spared so far, and travelling next week as a family so fingers crossed……

Days 16-21 2011 – the house where night terrors (and kids) walk…

Friday, January 21st, 2011

So……excuse the crazy post…..I have had a few things going on, the usual sports selection, a 4 yr old birthday – the requested family festivity was DQ, the next mornign said 4 yr old didn’t make it to hockey as Mr. Dad had a vertigo attack, possibly/likely brought on by sodium levels in DQ, so that has resulted in another drastic diet shift, and if anyone knows any alternative Muenier’s solutions let me know.  I was to go to the interior remote North of Ontario for work, but that has been pushed back.  Instead I spent most of the week not sleeping due to the not quite as old as she wants 7 yr. old joining me in bed every night, clambering over me.  I can’t sleep thru that, but last night she was “off” and a little furnace, came downstairs seemingly awake, but weirdly she wasn’t, brought her out of that and back to bed.  Tonight, once she finally got to sleep her little sister called me saying I was needed……walking, talking and very confused the night terrors were back.  The bizarre part is we are past the excorcist crying for you with her nose 2 inches from your face phase that was this summer….but now, from the bits and pieces I get this child is living out some very bizarre dreams, and is disoriented, and there is little I can do but calm her down….of course tonight her sister is at my side wanting an update…..who knows what is going on, but the moon is a sliver shy of full and the temperature is dropping fast tonight….

Sewing – not so much lately!  Some reading though, and I found a new issue of Mary Jane Farm at the bookstore…..

Here is what the 8 fat quarters finished as, this will get a border of some sort, I am just torn as to what.  There is new stock being mailed next week, i may just wait and check that out for inspiration.

Day 12, 13, 14 and 15 – 8 fat quarter saga

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

SO – what can I say, life trucks on.  I am attempting to do something carft/hobby oriented each day, but it really becomes a question of definition…..but here is what happened at the end…

Doesn’t the picture look better outdoors?

I have given up taking pictures on the floor in my house, aside from my very dark floor suffering the effects of salt, slush and damp little feet from from boots, the lighting is brutal, either overly dim or so bright that it throws half the quilt (as seen previously) into shadow.

So I cleared the snow from the balcony, and it is a lovely bright day with chilly little birdies singing. (must put out some seed)

The craft mission has had a few hiccups, including the leafs last night ultimately loosing, and my youngest’s birthday on friday.

I thought I would post a cheery winter progress shot now, I am off to magic up a vanilla slab cake with bright blue icing and flowers and roses for the birthday lunch at school tomorrow……I can’t fault her imagination but…..we shall see!  (really hoping I can find paste or candy roses and flowers!).

This is half the squares resultant from the quarters after cutting and piecing, the other half will post soon.  Then I am on and off the road for the next week and a bit……contemplating taking something to do by hand, seems very intimidating though – in part as anyone who knows me is aware that me doing anything precision oriented with my shaky hands is doubtful…..we shall see.

Day 10 and 11 – 2011 – Catching up here in the sewing desert….

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

So – Day 10 – should have been sewing, as I had my 8 fat quarters picked out….instead I had to return some books, and of course get new books…the result was this followed me home. (I also got home from work late, had to attempt to play Wii (or referee) with my girls and do all their night stuff).  As a result no new sewing got done, life and this book got in the way.

This is a great book so far, and given that I read this blog also (Stitch In Dye) I have reason to assume the book will continue to be good.

That is my Day 10 excuse, my Day 11 issue was simply the store, opening new goodies and getting them into the store.  Personally i am loving the 2 oranges that came from the Dilly Dally line, I need to see if I can work those into my 8 fat quarters.  The issue is that the 8 were built around one of them – can’t tell you the name (possible quiz at a later date, seriously) – which is a challenging violet and brown/grey colour palette….which also has some orange….there may be too much though, but I may do it anyhow!

Also from the shipment the Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey for moda, it is her first line.  Aneela is out of the UK and has a blog called comfort stitching, you should check it out, man that girl can stitch!  Her imagery and look is a little quirky, or different, but i like it, and the colour palette of the line is great.  i just can’t decide if I should showcase it to all of your readers by opening a charm pack or a layer cake…

See how i get distracted!!!!

And tonight – well tonight it was a nailbiter with the Raptors, Mr. Calderone decided to run down the clock at the end with 20 seconds left, then with 10 left he decided to push for the basket, why who knows (he still had time on the shot clock), turned it over, ended up losing by 3 points…..ARRRGH!!!!!  For those who get this one, our old Mr. Jerome Williams, aka the Junkyard Dog was in the house watching, he looks even taller in the audience, it was fun to see him back in T.O., too bad he left!

C’est tout, bonne soir!

(Practising, my eldest in now in the bilingual stream at her school, this may not be pretty, but if I write to her and don’t speak for the next little while there is some hope that I am not a detriment to her education!)

Now – we can talk about dessert……not desert….sewing and dessert go together better!

Day 9 – 2011 – 8 fat quarters……

Monday, January 10th, 2011

So – last night, after a snow filled day with the munchkins, I pulled out some fabric.

To be exact – 8 fat quarters as seen below.

Now I need to figure out what I am going to do……2 metres of fabric in total, and I am thinking I want to eliminate sashing within the quilt, have a very saturated, print against print type of look…..a log cabin maybe….some kind of traditional piecing with a modern interpretation….not sure yet….

Day 8 – 2011 – Correct this time….

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

So – the borders are on – CORRECTLY!

Sewing in the morning helps.  Seems things go better…..Potholders came out of the laundry, not as wrinkly as I hoped (see – wrinkles can be good!) but there you go.

Today (being Day 9) we are off to play in the snow a bit, just finished lunch of salt free fresh bread with butter and jam!  This week spring should be arriving via Fresh Flowers by Deb Strain, I am excited to cut into that and keep the sunshiney sewing that was started with the oranges potholders going.

So – have a good day and talk to you later.

Day 7 – 2011 – Shrinky Dink anyone?

Friday, January 7th, 2011

No, it isn’t rude.  Who remembers these?

Or did this as a kid?

My girls have discovered shrinky dinks, and they thought it was super cool.

They were amazed when they curled up and flattened out again.

There will be no sewing tonight, just reading about sewing.  I am blaming the Pioneer Woman, who posted an EVIL restaurant style salsa recipe on her site, and things went downhill from there, resulting in far too much salt free tex mex food than I should have eaten for dinner after my eldest’s hockey (which means late), so I am calling the evening as sewing free.

Besides, I have a demand for more potholders….and given who the demandee is I am going to have to make this set a bit “unique”…..I think I have a plan….

Have a good evening everyone, I hope your weekend is warmer than mine is looking like it will be.

Day 5 and 6 – 2011 – Dejavu……

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Day 5- Ok – last night we know what happened….I spent the evening with my stitch ripper removing binding while Team Canada vanished in the 3rd period….and a mini fan came downstairs for the end, then off to bed with me, so no further sewing.

Day 6 – Finished! And in between my 2 trips downstairs tonight the Leafs went from 5-1 ahead to tied at 5…..the other part was I also was resewing the binding tonight…..binding apparently jinxs hockey games for both the red and white and the blue and white….please make a mental note!  And a certain little lady was allegedly sleeping in my bed, but apparently chats in her sleep.

See – hockey and little ladies readjusting their bedtime does little for quality late night sewing time….

So – here is a pic of the finished pair.  I am going to run them through the wash in the next load, hopefully get some delish wrinkles and puckers…..I will also test the heat proofness of the silver batting…..It is a good thing I figured this out, I owe one of my two sisters -in-law a belated sewn Christmas gift.  Belated not due to my spectacular organization and time management skills….belated as it is to be made with the Java fabrics by Deb Strain, combined with the Benartex Java Bistro in the store, and the Java line is late, but on it’s way now.  Their kitchen is completely coffee-themed and it is something they both love, fancy coffee drinks (I, on the other hand, will take coffee any way I can get it, the blacker and stronger the better….no need to be fancy, mainlining coffee would be ideal!)

The blue and orange solids are Bella, the printed oranges are cut from a twice the charm package of Farmer’s Market, still have a couple of those onhand which will be in the store.  A tutorial will also be coming, I am going to try and do a pdf document for download, not sure how yet….

Day 4 – 2011 – You can quilt with a sleeping child 10ish feet away….

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

So – I have found out I can sew with my youngest asleep in my (her new) bed FINALLY!  Don’t need earmuffs.  Yay – may be the only  way I sew for a while….she is with me again tonight after watching Canada lose…..she doesn’t sleep!

Anyhow last night I started the replacement potholders…..

So far sewing tonight has been uneventful – it has consisted of ripping the binding off the potholder (no picture of that!) and, if the munchkin does sleep, might involve some sewing later.

Also need to update the store – Java by Deb Strain is on its way, as well as some precuts including Sherbert Pips (check them out, very cool), and some other material.

As well, Natty of botBot DeeVine! fame has some Alexander Henry fabrics in stock I will eventually be listing in the store so stay tuned.

I will do a tutorial for the potholder – I am thinking a pdf file you can download, but I have to figure out the mechanics, it may just be a looooong post…..

(for the record – I spell checked this post and still had to fix 3 typing errors after the spell check found nothing – as a general comment I can spell, I just can’t get my fingers to work together and type in order…..that is a general plea to excuse prior, current and future typing errors please…)