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The King is coming…..

Nicole here typing…….it has been a while, and I DON’T advise getting a new laptop – long story but basically I manage several things, one being this store and blog, off my laptop, and switching from my boat anchor dinosaur plaything pc (ancient in computer time) to my sexy slim new silver devil mac has proven painful beyond belief.

In the interest of science I have proven I can learn new things.  Who’d’a thunk????

So – I managed to email my dealer of Elvis fabric – this is a new relationship forged to BRING THE KING – he is coming in his super sexy 68 comeback guise… leather depicted in red and black fabric….who could want more?  There is a panel print – which I am thinking would be great for feature panels on a quilt, or a focus print on perhaps an apron (knock knock BotBot DeeVine! – anyone listening?), there is a funky silhouette (below), and some fussy cutting fodder for those so inclined…..The King – aside from being very cool is also the pinnacle of kitsch – and we have no problem going there!

So – the blog is getting a blog overhaul.  When I conceived this store, and blog, I had lofty goals.  I figured this blog would be informative, factual and businesslike.  And the business came from my desire to legitimize my need to buy designer fabrics (it is for the business….) – and let us not forget my sister’s role in this (now appearing somewhere in BotBot DeeVine!), who gets to sew as one of her several day jobs.  I have to leave my sewing machine and urges at home.  So – long story short – businesslike is out the window, I figure why be boring?  I have decided I will only work on one personal blog, and it will be this one.  Prepare yourself to be regaled by my fumbles through the craft world… least you will get a laugh out of the discourse to follow.

This blog will be brutally honest, and will contain no swears…..other than that reader beware!

So – back to the King – I hear he is clearing canadian customs next week, and should be on my doorstep the week thereafter…..the fabric only of course (except there was that grilled cheese sandwich that one day…..).  I will update the store accordingly once he lands.

Who can’t use more Elvis?

(and there is a Blue Hawaii line I think is super kitsch (like the movie was!) that I would love to get into the shop, but the other half of the design decision making team expressed her opinion that it wasn’t as super-cool, and for whatever reason I had a lapse of judgement and listened to the more youthful half…… but your votes of support are welcome)

Cheers – Nicole

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One Response to “The King is coming…..”

  1. Natty says:

    Hey now. I never said that there was anything wrong with the Blue Hawaii line. You said pick ONE.