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Ladybug Princess is done…..

Friday, October 29th, 2010

No pics, as I didn’t think of it last night and dropped them appropriately dressed at school this morning.  But I was quite pleased with the Ladybug princesses skirt.

And the Cheetah girl was happy also, both girls got jewels on their shirts (though the Ladybug Princess managed to removed hers, so Ladybug King had to get his hot glue gun out to repair it all….

Pics later!

Another night done….Miss Blue has a shirt….

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Ok, this one was fun – and check out the liquid metal!!!!

Remind yourself that my audience is a 6 year old – the more bling you bring the better…..Miss Blue is going to get a hood…..but first I need to see if her head will go thru the neckline….

Tomorrow night  brings Princess Ladybug…..

A night with the Leafs (and some sewing….)

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

So – last night the Leafs won, Kessel was awesome!

When we got home (late) I decided to knock off a bit more of the cheetah princess, and I tried to sew quietly.  My Janome beast on high speed can make quite a racket, and my sewing machine is upstairs in our bedroom, which, since the spare room seperates the girls and the Janome isn’t an issue when I sew, late at night, but last night we had a houseguest post hockey game in the spare room, so I was trying to sew quietly.  I need the noise to stay awake apparently.

But I did get the cheetah leggings conceived and almost complete last night, this morning Miss Cheetah put them on so I could check the size and finish them.  Here is Miss Blue…..

The only issue which is arising is that Miss Ladybug wants to see her stuff… tonight the plan is cheetah princess top, ladybug princess skirt…..

Miss Blue after night one….

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

SO – night one wasnt as productive as it has to be to meet the deadline, and tonight I am going to watch the Leafs (who, after having the best start in forever to the season have lost the last 3 games), so I will be behind again.

But – Miss Blue has a skirt!

So – meet Miss Blue…..

Monday, October 25th, 2010

The master plan for Miss Blue is that she will model some of the luscious designer quilting fabrics as they evolve into little girl skirts and jumpers…..but first she has a different job.  Halloween is approaching – and my girls need their costumes!

So – take a sanity filled walk down the garden path with me, and lets figure out if I – average mom (who can sew, sort of, though I never did actually finish my home ec major project) can magic up both a cheetah princess and a ladybug princess costume which live up to the sincere admiration of my elder daughter.  Who thinks I can do this.

We will see – the costumes are needed at school friday, so this is going to be a lovely couple of nights.  In the interest of total disclosure the sewing evenings commence when I negotiate the ladies into bed, and they stay.  So not before 8pm.  And I have dinner at some point.  Tonight there is also back to back NCIS episodes….tomorrow night there are also the maple leafs….weds and thurs would seem to be clear…..this is going to be GREAT!

So – come walk with me – see where it leads!

Here is Miss Blue…..she ruined my thumbnails trying to adjust the size…..(that statement would be better if I had some kinda awesome manicure but I don’t!)…so now I think the waist is accurate, the rest it totally inaccurate.

This project is off to an awesome start.

Miss Blue

A few new obsessions….

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Hello All – a few things to drop you a line on….

Firstly – the King is still on his way – he may be walking here via “La Belle Province….” but at leas the is coming.  Hopefully the man in brown picks him up sooner or later, and leaves him here.

Also expected is yardage for Maison de Garance.

In the interim, and because work and family have both proven to be very busy of late, I bought myself a treat!

Really it is a good treat, but a bad one, as it inspires wistfulness at best.

So far this book has been proving to be delicious…..inspiring and delicious….totally inedible of course……..

I bought another treat…..little blue will be put to work soon…..very excited to welcome her to the family…..she is british, made by Adjustoform Products….

That is all for today……more soon……

Hop on over……..

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

And check out one of the designers whose work we carry….

New additions to the store….

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Hey guys, two great theme print groups have been added today, both from Michael Miller….
The Handy and Very Berry Gnomes

As well as the Magical Garden Fairy in Purple

These guyss are fun, and the large fairy would make a great central panel….the purple flowers have silver sparkle in the centre!

Special Delivery for Natty

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

So in a few weeks we are going to to be getting some of the Maison de Garance collection by French General.  Im excited 🙂

I am redecorating my bedroom this fall and I’m using fabrics from this collection.  So I am eagerly awaiting their delivery.  But look what I got this weekend…. Its my fat bundle.  I’m going to use it to make an around the world quilt for my bedroom.  I can’t wait to start cutting the fabrics.

If there happens to be anyone out there who would like to quilt along with me, I’ll post the details of my project as I go.  Yippee!

Blog interruption….brought to you by Leafnation…..

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Apologies dear reader(s)……last night I had high hopes of posting a blog update, but I was thwarted by the Toronto Maple Leafs. I meant to take my Ipad and be productive before the game, but it didn’t happen – the Leafs had bagpipes for the home opener. And they won. And getting home was BRUTAL. So it was too late……

Bottom line – it is turkey weekend here in Canada… might be able to hear the collective loosening of belts this weekend if you listen hard… celebrate collective mass weight gain and tryptophan overdoses….Log Cabin Yardage is having a 10% off sale until Tuesday – enter the promotional code turkey at checkout.