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Sassy Senoritas

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

So, I love the new Alexander Henry fabrics. Seriously, as soon as they came in I ran over to the warehouse and picked some up.  I even have pictures of myself hugging the bolts (still in their plastic…. of course).

I particularly like the “Las Senoritas” print.  Its quite big, so it is really great for making aprons or other larger projects with.

I have started using them to make aprons for BotBot DeeVine!  I have been making kitchen dresses and I call these ones the Sassy Senoritas.  Here’s one I just finished.  Kitty Crossbones is modeling it.

Aprons by BotBot DeeVine! will be available at Log Cabin Yardage in October!

The man in brown left a present…..

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Look what happened today everyone!!!

The Alexander Henry material has arrived…..check it out on the site.

Short cuts with Maison de Garance…..

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Ok, so I have an abiding love of the French General fabrics, and look, and the entire concept of being able to float around small country sale in Provence finding heaps of vintage fabrics and objets d’art to decorate my open concept breezy slightly rundown country manor…..then reality reasserts itself.

Since my kids, husband, chaotic house and work life are unlikely to allow the fantasy life I instead purchase the reproduction fabric.

Now that I have the reproduction fantasy fabric inhand I have come up with a, true to the spirit of chaos I embrace, a short cut star block.  These maximize something I love, HST’s (no, not our lovely Ontario Sale Tax grab) – Half Square Triangles.

The little magical hst lets me make these triangles with a minimum of cutting of either my maison charm pack or the backing flag day fabric.

Not having to cut little fiddly triangles or line them up was GREAT!

This is the first block, many many more to come…..

It is a style I love, a traditional block using modern fabrics.