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What’s in a Name?

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Ever wonder how some people come up with the names for their shops, or blogs….. or kids?  Well, sometimes I wonder.  Sometimes I wonder about a lot of things actually….. but maybe that’s just me….

Anyway, staying on topic….

Why did we go with the name Log Cabin Yardage?  Well, Nicole and I both initially envisioned this little fabric adventure of ours as a quilting store.  So we wanted something quilty.

Being a big fan of traditional quilt patterns I suggested Log Cabin Quilts.  It is certainly a quilty name, and Log Cabin is the awesomest quilt block that there is.  Seriously.  Don’t even try to argue with me about that.

Nicole of course didn’t like it because she thought it sounded too “old fashioned”.  She wanted something that would not scare away people looking for contemporary fabrics.  So she suggested Urban Log Cabin for the name of the shop.

Now I wold love to share with you all my response to Nicole’s suggestion.  But it involved language that is a bit too colourful for this blog.  So shall we just say that I didn’t like it.  I had a strong disliking for it and flat out refused to even entertain the idea.  So we settled our differences in a very adult and mature way by not talking about it for several months.

Then one day Nicole told me that we needed to get going on the fabric store and suggested again the hideous Urban Log Cabin name.  I flat out refused again and suggested instead Nicole and Natty’s Junktacular Fabric Trough.  She didn’t like my suggestion. We didn’t talk about it for several more weeks.

So then Nicole started to search around on the internet to look at other sewing and crafting stores.  I think she was trying to find a name to poach.  She must have found something that she liked because she called me with the suggestion Log Cabin Yardage.  I thought that sounded just right.  It made sense.  We sell yardage.

So there you go.  Log Cabin because it is the awesomest quilt block there is, and Yardage because that is what we sell.

Saturday Night Arts and Crafts

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

So, it is Saturday night.  And what am I doing?  Why sewing of course.

And planning a revolution.  An arts and crafts revolution.

And what does an arts and crafts revolutioner sew on a Saturday night when she has an abundance of left over fabric scraps?

Allow me to present the accessory bag.

These things are super easy to make and they’re great for hiding your MANifesto in.

Just don’t put it where non-members can find it or they will want to look inside 😉

Vive la Révolution!

Procrastination Alert!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

For everyone out there who needs to plan their procrastination – Christmas is 157 crafting days away!!!!!!


Go Live update

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Ok, anyone who is listening…..

We have a rockin site up in the netherworld of blogland.

We are testing the site as we speak….hope to be running soon so you can all see the surprises we have in store for you all.

Coming soon…..

What do you mean it doesn’t fit?

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Wicked. So it only took me two weeks to figure out how to re-size a picture so that I can upload it to the blog.  At the rate I’m going it’s a wonder I get anything done.

So I’m sure that I have mentioned that I have another blog… didn’t I?  Well I do, and in the interest of not boring people by blogging about the same thing twice in the same week I am pulling out a project I made quite a while ago, and doing a bit of blog therapy.

This is my red flowery Kimono-Style Bathrobe in size M.  The pattern is from Amy Butler’s In Stitches.  It doesn’t fit.  Waaaay to big.  You all in blog land can’t see this, but I have it pinned at the back and what you can see is that I am still swimming in it.

This for me is the second most frustrating thing about sewing.  You pick out the pattern, pick the size that best fits your measurements, follow the pattern exactly…. and it doesn’t fit. Don’t worry, it’s not Amy Butler’s fault.  I’m sure that this has happened to her before too.  It happens to everyone.  I think it’s one of the many rites of passage in sewing.  So I say to myself  “Suck it up Natty. You are on your way to becoming old and wise in the ways of the needle and thread”.  Or at least just on my way to being very pissed off.  But at least I can always blog about it.

What’s the first most frustrating thing you ask?  Having Mr. Natty come along and say “you made it too big”.  I am not supposed to swear on this blog, so I will not publish what I responded with.  But you can use your imagination.


My First Post

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Okay, so its not my first blog post ever. But its my first post on this blog.

My name is Natty. I like cats, rock n’ roll, swearing, and activities that involve needles. Particularly sewing, knitting and getting tattoos. I’m sure you can all see where the joy of swearing comes in.

I am also the “creative force” behind BotBot.  Mostly I make aprons. I prefer to make my own designs, but I will build other peoples designs as well when I get requests for custom made. My job at Log Cabin Yardage is to make stuff and post pictures of it here.  But I would hardly call the things that I make treasures. Mostly because it sounds dumb.  I do, however, take pride in my ability to build things out of fabric and yarn.  Most people don’t know how and are forced to live vicariously through craft blogs 😉

But I’m an old fashioned kind of girl. I think we ought to get to know each other first before I start showing everyone my handiwork. I’ll post pics next time.