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Hello world!

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Welcome to the Log Cabin Yardage blog.  We are quite excited to be venturing into the fabric world for real, no lurking on other blogs anymore, no more wondering how to get really cool high quality fabric which we see on blogs and in magazines, and no more wondering what Canadian customs will do when we order fabric is US dollars and have it mailed into Canada.

So we (two sisters) decided we would start our own store, and order the fabrics we like, or can’t get at our local fabricland stores as we don’t really have fabric alternatives in either of our GTA home towns.  Eventually we hope to take this to bricks and mortar, and acquire other modern, amazing items and lines along the way.

Little sister Natty is the creative force behind BotBot designs, she is inspired by her two little peanuts and sews, knits, crafts and creates treasures for them to enjoy, of course being children there are some hits and some not so greatest hits (usually the things mom loves the most).  The hits you will see in the BotBot space, and Natty does do custom work, get in touch with her.  She has also used some of the fabric and/or patterns we carry in order to whip up examples for inspiration.

I (Nicole) am a quilter for the most part, I dabble in many things but don’t finish that many, so quilting little bits along the way works much better for me.

We hope you like our space and find inspiration in the products, we are happy to answer any questions you might have, just get in touch.

Happy Sewing,

Natty and Nicole