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Want to hang in a museum?

August 7th, 2016

Do you want to see a quilt of yours hang in a museum? The Ontario Museum of History & Art has a call for entries for “Modern Quilts : Redesigning Tradition” which will be on public display in early 2017 out right now. The deadline for written applications to this juried show  (to meet criteria) is August 15, quilts due in October. The content of the show is encapsulated in the title….traditional blocks, like those published in the Kansas City Star way back when, as re-interpreted in the “Modern Quilting” context…..original patterns (or examples) will hang with the Modern..   

Above is a quilt hanging in the shop right now I will enter…it is a derivation of the Majestic Mountain block. I have never done this before….anyone else want to join in?

2016 starts with blogging

January 9th, 2016

Anyone who has actually seen my phone will find the fact that I can apparently blog from it funny…..the phone has endured a few hard landings and sports spider-webbed glass front and back…..a combination of lazy, cheap and unwilling to change anything means I use glass tape to keep it together….
Anyway, I can type.

I can put in a picture….shot from the store today, reorganizing the huge number of panels we have….but I pressed publish to soon….
2016 is out of the gate with work needed on the blog/phone thing…

Introducing – Club Subscriptions….

August 21st, 2015

I decided to launch a new product….given the popularity of “boxes” I figured why not do something that isn’t new, but speaks directly to what quilters want – fabric. The new club subscriptions will send you a defined number of fat quarters per month, the shipping cost is included in the price. So fabric pops into your mailbox once per month, it is all coming from the store, so it is first quality quilt fabric, not questionable stuff that I wouldn’t have in the store. Since I am literally cutting it off bolts in the store the pictures I use for the subscriptions is pictures of bolts in the store…….

Subscription Club Example bolts





















Each month, when the subscription goes out on the day it goes out, I will include a surprise.  This will be something like a pattern or instructions for a certain block, or block setting, perhaps a shortcut tip……it will be fun to figure out what to send each month!

SO – if you cannot get to the store, or you like the idea of getting a fabric surprise in the mail each month….consider joining the clubs….between 6 and 8 fat quarters delivered to your door for prices between $20 and $22 per month (plus tax) depending on which club it is…..pretty good value!

Here is a link to the club page on the site in case you are interested…..Log Cabin Yardage Clubs

Holy Catch-up Batman!!!!

July 28th, 2015

This would be the entirely neglected blog for Log Cabin Yardage, written by yours truly, Nicole.
No clue where I went or why, life, office work, store work, kids and family….the list goes on.
But I am back….and I am raring to go.
Our bridge is finally finished. There are bits and pieces to finish still, but nothing big. SO we are totally accessible, minutes off the 407, a few more minutes of the 401, come to the end of Altona Road in Pickering, at its’ very western edge, and turn right, down the hill and OVER the fancy bridge……we have lots of luscious fabric lurking in the store.
We will have some steady news and new product/programs to announce over the summer…..I have booked a fall guild show, and have spoken to a few people about a trunk show/what is “Modern” presentation to a guild…..we have our very own wee Modern Guild Chapter which I founded and am trying to get going….
Today I will leave you with one new product notice… saw it on Log Cabin Yardage’s FB page already…..super sexy solids, high quality, Canadian, Silk finish….a total of 113 colours currently in the line, I have brought in 5 to see how it goes, these bad boys are ONLY $8.95 a yard, I will be cutting into them tomorrow and let you know. I have become frustrated with the colour inconsistency and fraying issues of everyone’s favourite solid….I am hoping price and quality converge!
Back soon, promise.

Row by Row winner!

August 12th, 2014

Hey there everyone…….I neglected to do a blog post announcing our participation in the Row by Row Experience, but I figure I can do a post announcing that we have had our completed quilt turned in!

rowbyrow winner


































Betsy Armstrong brought her completed quilt into the shop….it was quite cool to see her version of the LCY row in the centre of her quilt.  Great job!

Since it seems I actually CAN write a blog post I will be back soon with some of the delicious fabric which has arrived of late…Camelot Cottons in greys with yellow, grey with mint and black/white and metallic gold, Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements, Super Heros, Angry Birds, Star Trek and Wars, Landscape elements and a couple of pieces of Kaffe, amongst other things…..As fabric lands I tend to post pictures really quick on the shop’s Facebook page, if you haven’t already “Like” the page (as opposed to a post), that will keep you updated with everything the shop posts on Facebook.  In addition, once the shop reaches 300 page likes I will engineer a little give-away, drawing randomly from the likes that follow the page.  Thereafter every 25 page likes will trigger another give-away….

Thanks guys, see you soon….

I have a tracking number…..

May 2nd, 2014

Can I tell you for what?

















We have MOST of the Downton Abbey Collection by Andover coming to the store. 24 different bolts to be exact. It is a large collection, I had to exercise some restraint, and I do not know what reception to expect from customers… we will give it a go.

Downton Abbey1


Downton Abbey2

I picked the pieces in the mosaics, as well as the logo fabric…..this is expected to be in store by next friday, online thereafter. Any questions please let me know, and if you are visiting remember the bridge is closed, on the website we have a wonderful new map thanks to the efforts of a friend of ours (thank you!), that should help you find us! For now one can also park at the bridge and walk over……but not for long, there is no plan for a pedestrian bridge when the bridge is under construction for the year….ask about our petition for a pedestrian when you are in the store….

Spring has Sprung……

April 22nd, 2014

Been a bit frantic and a bit interesting around here of late.  This is a monster catch-up blog post.  Did something new for me, and did it without anyone needing first aid or counseling! I spoke to the members of the East Toronto Quilt Guild on Modern Quilting at their meeting, did a bit of what should be a trunk show, more like a snapshot of time with works in various stages.  That was interesting to do, and more surprisingly was apparently well received and enjoyable.  I was told my demeanour and sense of humour were refreshing….that really is a comment you can take more than one way, at least I made an impression though.  My goals in giving the talk were 1- to not swear, 2 – to not uber-geek the topic to the point of inducing drooling/napping in the audience, 3 – to not drone on and on about art geek stuff like several of my university professors did (refer back to #2, that was me in the back of the lecture hall, and dimming the lights, which I also did at the guild, to make the images in the slides visible didn’t help!), and 4 – hopefully tell people something they didn’t already know, without seeming to patronize those in the know.  I mean really, who am I, someone who has no problem throwing together a powerpoint and talking in front of people, I know just enough to be dangerous, but I am certainly not an authority…..I am not sure but I think I managed #1 at least……in any case, new notch in the belt, I can travel with a lecture and not quite normal version of a trunk show….

What else…..CLASSES! A long time in coming the first two classes are scheduled, there will be a post on those in the next day or so, essentially it is Peggy Kwan of Markham, Ontario teaching a quilt-as-you-go log cabin technique, perfect for a domestic machine and a great stash buster.  I will teach a Modern Trip around the World – one really big block, with or without borders, lovely patchwork effect but the technique is a great short cut.

My Guild completed it’s show and sale, very successful, I attended as a vendor and had the chance to chat to lots of friends and customers old and new….if you are planning your guild show keep me in mind….I also attended a York Heritage Guild meeting as a vendor with a table at the back, it is of course a business opportunity but the treat in it for me is seeing the speaker of the evening while I am there…..

Finally – Spring is here!  Along with Easter and birthday events this past weekend (and a hockey tournament) I got out to do some yardwork (ugh after the ice storms) and I unwrapped some fresh fabric as well!

A few other exciting things coming, this post covers off the several of them, another one soon I promise….and a fabric pic below just ‘cause you can’t have a post without a pretty picture….as an aside the solids are actually Painter’s Canvas by Michael Miller, very cool stuff…..


In Store Giveaway….

March 29th, 2014

Hey Everyone…..March is certainly going out like a lion, still had snow this past week, high winds and rain/freezing rain….however today is a lovely day so far and the birds are singing!

We have a few things going on …. Thursday night I spent an enjoyable evening at the East Toronto Quilt Guild and gave a talk about modern quilting, and shared some of my own quilts (and who are we kidding, a few tops and one unbound almost all quilted quilted – may as well “keep it real”), it was a nice group and they tell me they enjoyed themselves.  Since more than one person was so kind I am going to say it wasn’t pity……lol.  I had to return my youngest daughter’s quilt to the top of the sleeping kid on my return….it had a temporary pass to the leave the house only, and yes, she checked and commented in the morning.  I guess she appreciates the quilt at least!

Coming up this weekend is my guild’s show!  We will not discuss how prepared I may, or may not be……but if you are at all in the area come on by!  It is a new venue for the guild, ample parking, near restaurants and the mall if you are making a day trip of it, in addition to our own tea shop with sandwiches at the show.  Lots of quilts will be on display, there are vendors of course (I am one), a quilt appraiser and a few other little surprises!  Here is the link – check it out, or if you have any questions ask!

In the scramble to get a “trunk show” together for the talk here are a few finishes or tops…..

ff tudor quilt









This is the “Tudor” collection by Fabric Freedom out of London, UK, the company does an exquisite job of adding decorative metallic gold line to fabrics.

kfc trip around the world








This is one block of the trip around the world pattern, done really big. Truth be told I will hang this quilt the other way once in the shop today, Mr. LCY has hung it horizontally. All KF Collective prints as you can see….the targets are a favourite of mine.

In other exciting news we are having a KF themed give away in the shop…….if you are in the store ask how to enter!  The prize is a neat Fassett patterned nylon shopping (or whatever else you desire) bag, plus a couple of fat quarters, and a copy of last falls book signed by Kaffe and Brandon during their visit in October.  Come by and check it out.

giveaway pic

Signs of Spring?

March 15th, 2014

Ok – truthfully, this may be desperation but…I have seen signs of spring..I am terribly ready for winter to be over, it has taken it’s toll on our old house this year, it has taken it’s toll on the business as the shop is int he country and every weekend seemed to involved a blizzard or an ice storm, it has even taken it’s toll on our youngest, who asked today “Mummy, will it ever be summer again?”.  And I like winter.  I think my breaking point was driving my filthy salt spray covered home from the office in a + (yes, plus) 12 degree sunny late afternoon on tuesday, making one feel a fool for even having a jacket as that is summer as far as I am concerned, to be shovelling through knee deep snow the same time on wednesday in howling wind, an equivalent number of degrees but minus.   That snow was on the ground and making the drive difficult to the shop this morning, but gone when I left as the sun was out all day and the temps crept over zero…..however there are two more snowfalls forecast yet!

The signs of Spring?  Houseflies are back.  Where do they go?  The sun has warmed up enough to bring them out, I have found them in the house and the shop.  It is astounding really.

New fabric is trickling in….I have stocked the full line of “In Cahoots” by Whole Country Caboodle for Henry Glass Fabrics….I was taken by the colour scheme, it is definitely not the ordinary.
in cahoots collage reduced

As well, this one I love the detail of and the colours hidden in it, some of the prints from the Tudor collection by Fabric Freedom out of London England. I have started a wee project using some solids with these prints, should be fun, more on that soon.
tudor collage

I also have a new product, one I am very excited about. Being the owner of a small business I sincerely appreciate when members of my community choose to shop local, I also appreciate the online business, but the shop will survive with local support. I discovered that one of the moms I know runs her family business, Eversoft, which is in the business of foam essentially. And they offer a cost-effective, locally made, 100% pre-consumer (i.e. clean, unused recyclables) recyclable materials batting which is hypoallergenic and washable. Do not get me wrong, I do love me some of the Quilter’s Dream 100% cotton we carry, but if I am going to use a polyester product then I am happy to use a locally made, recycled, cost effective batting. This one will not be going onto the website, but it is in the shop, bagged in your typical bedding sizes. I may bring this in on a roll, but as a first try I decided to go with individually bagged sizes. The same company makes a wonderful, sizable and well filled pillowform which is going to mean my ladies night out envelope closure quilt block throw pillows get a much more substantial pillow…..more on that soon.

Have a good weekend everyone, especially those of you who have spring!

January Special!

January 18th, 2014

So – I am over winter. Which given that we have three more months of snow, more or less, is going to be interesting. That being said today is a lovely mild winter day with snow making a brief appearance, fortunately in fact in that you can walk outside again as it is covering the ice!
I am moving all the Christmas fabric in the store…..highlighting other fabrics…..and I have decided to put what Batiks I have on sale, in store only, in stock Batiks are $8.95 yard during January. Come on by and refuel your stash after all your Christmas sewing with some batiks!