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In Store Giveaway….

March 29th, 2014

Hey Everyone…..March is certainly going out like a lion, still had snow this past week, high winds and rain/freezing rain….however today is a lovely day so far and the birds are singing!

We have a few things going on …. Thursday night I spent an enjoyable evening at the East Toronto Quilt Guild and gave a talk about modern quilting, and shared some of my own quilts (and who are we kidding, a few tops and one unbound almost all quilted quilted – may as well “keep it real”), it was a nice group and they tell me they enjoyed themselves.  Since more than one person was so kind I am going to say it wasn’t pity……lol.  I had to return my youngest daughter’s quilt to the top of the sleeping kid on my return….it had a temporary pass to the leave the house only, and yes, she checked and commented in the morning.  I guess she appreciates the quilt at least!

Coming up this weekend is my guild’s show!  We will not discuss how prepared I may, or may not be……but if you are at all in the area come on by!  It is a new venue for the guild, ample parking, near restaurants and the mall if you are making a day trip of it, in addition to our own tea shop with sandwiches at the show.  Lots of quilts will be on display, there are vendors of course (I am one), a quilt appraiser and a few other little surprises!  Here is the link - check it out, or if you have any questions ask!

In the scramble to get a “trunk show” together for the talk here are a few finishes or tops…..

ff tudor quilt









This is the “Tudor” collection by Fabric Freedom out of London, UK, the company does an exquisite job of adding decorative metallic gold line to fabrics.

kfc trip around the world








This is one block of the trip around the world pattern, done really big. Truth be told I will hang this quilt the other way once in the shop today, Mr. LCY has hung it horizontally. All KF Collective prints as you can see….the targets are a favourite of mine.

In other exciting news we are having a KF themed give away in the shop…….if you are in the store ask how to enter!  The prize is a neat Fassett patterned nylon shopping (or whatever else you desire) bag, plus a couple of fat quarters, and a copy of last falls book signed by Kaffe and Brandon during their visit in October.  Come by and check it out.

giveaway pic

Signs of Spring?

March 15th, 2014

Ok – truthfully, this may be desperation but…I have seen signs of spring..I am terribly ready for winter to be over, it has taken it’s toll on our old house this year, it has taken it’s toll on the business as the shop is int he country and every weekend seemed to involved a blizzard or an ice storm, it has even taken it’s toll on our youngest, who asked today “Mummy, will it ever be summer again?”.  And I like winter.  I think my breaking point was driving my filthy salt spray covered home from the office in a + (yes, plus) 12 degree sunny late afternoon on tuesday, making one feel a fool for even having a jacket as that is summer as far as I am concerned, to be shovelling through knee deep snow the same time on wednesday in howling wind, an equivalent number of degrees but minus.   That snow was on the ground and making the drive difficult to the shop this morning, but gone when I left as the sun was out all day and the temps crept over zero…..however there are two more snowfalls forecast yet!

The signs of Spring?  Houseflies are back.  Where do they go?  The sun has warmed up enough to bring them out, I have found them in the house and the shop.  It is astounding really.

New fabric is trickling in….I have stocked the full line of “In Cahoots” by Whole Country Caboodle for Henry Glass Fabrics….I was taken by the colour scheme, it is definitely not the ordinary.
in cahoots collage reduced

As well, this one I love the detail of and the colours hidden in it, some of the prints from the Tudor collection by Fabric Freedom out of London England. I have started a wee project using some solids with these prints, should be fun, more on that soon.
tudor collage

I also have a new product, one I am very excited about. Being the owner of a small business I sincerely appreciate when members of my community choose to shop local, I also appreciate the online business, but the shop will survive with local support. I discovered that one of the moms I know runs her family business, Eversoft, which is in the business of foam essentially. And they offer a cost-effective, locally made, 100% pre-consumer (i.e. clean, unused recyclables) recyclable materials batting which is hypoallergenic and washable. Do not get me wrong, I do love me some of the Quilter’s Dream 100% cotton we carry, but if I am going to use a polyester product then I am happy to use a locally made, recycled, cost effective batting. This one will not be going onto the website, but it is in the shop, bagged in your typical bedding sizes. I may bring this in on a roll, but as a first try I decided to go with individually bagged sizes. The same company makes a wonderful, sizable and well filled pillowform which is going to mean my ladies night out envelope closure quilt block throw pillows get a much more substantial pillow…..more on that soon.

Have a good weekend everyone, especially those of you who have spring!

January Special!

January 18th, 2014

So – I am over winter. Which given that we have three more months of snow, more or less, is going to be interesting. That being said today is a lovely mild winter day with snow making a brief appearance, fortunately in fact in that you can walk outside again as it is covering the ice!
I am moving all the Christmas fabric in the store…..highlighting other fabrics…..and I have decided to put what Batiks I have on sale, in store only, in stock Batiks are $8.95 yard during January. Come on by and refuel your stash after all your Christmas sewing with some batiks!

Bridge closure, classes, new fabrics…..

January 17th, 2014

Hello Everyone.
So – the Whitevale Bridge has shifted in the recent extreme weather and is now closed.  This is off course frustrating with a relatively new, small business, but there you go.  There are several other routes in to Whitevale, for those that are unaware.
detour map








In purple – when you get to the end of Altona, instead of going right on Whitevale Road you
1- Turn Left onto Whitevale Road
2- At the end, Townline Road, turn right to go north, over the 407
3- At the lights for Hwy 7 turn right
4- At North Road turn right to go south, back over the 407 and into Whitevale
5- Turn right onto Whitevale Road, you will see the Grainary and will find us there as usual
In Green -
1- From Taunton Road turn north onto Sideline 26
2- At Whitevale Road turn left and proceed into Whitevale to Grainary
In Pink -
1- Take Whitevale Road across from Brock Road in Pickering

I hope the bridge closure doesn’t keep anyone from coming out, we have several interesting things happening!

I have a class schedule, starting in February, I will post that shortly.  We are slightly (we means Michele) revamping the website in order to better list classes.  More info soon!

Several project specific workshops taught by yours truly, geared to a beginner/novice sewist wanting to start and finish a project, with appropriate techniques learned – fun things such as throw pillows, pillowcases, placemats, runners, napkins….little projects but big impact in your home.

So far late Jan/early Feb will include the arrival of Thomas the Tank, Antique Seeds, I Dream of Paris and Alphabet Soup, with more to come.

ELS4309-CRE birds panel









The panel above, Beautiful Birds, is kinda neat. It can be used as a panel, or if the panel is cut up it fits back together as a tree full of birds, which will be a welcome sign of spring….

Recently Updated9








Above is my text addiction coming to light, antique seed catalogue text in 3 colours ot go with any of the multitude of floral fabrics we have, and a wee bit of french to keep things classy….

alphabet soup








Lastly Alphabet Soup – the numbers can be assembled as a book if you choose (something I am asked for and have never had), any which way you slice it bright, bold and fun for little people….

The selection above represents the next stuff in, there is more coming up ….. Hope to see you soon!

Wow….it has been a while….

January 8th, 2014

So – since I  last posted the shop hosted the Kaffe event, did the Fall Creativ show and a guild meeting show.  (that was a wee bit hectic)  And oh yeah…..we moved the store.

Same building – the Grainary in Whitevale, bigger space, brighter, the door under the porch.  (the store sign is on the to-do list).

November, once moved in, was a decent month, with lots of learning curve, still putting stuff in it’s “place” days….then December started out pretty good, then we had the ice storm – no power forever – now the polar vortex, and our friendly neighbourhood propane delivery service conveniently forgot where Whitevale is.  That could be dangerous, Whitevale has a long and successful history of opposing things they don’t like and it was suggested to me today that said delivery company should be boycotted…..however, as I write this we were told by the customer “service” that yes, we are on the manifest and delivery hours in our area have been extended to 24 hours….good I guess but sorta sad at the same time….anyway, moving on.

Mr. LCY  (in the store during the week) and I have a bunch of plans and announcements for the shop.  First – we are OPEN six days a week. Yup, come on out on a Sunday afternoon, browse and fondle the fabric, grab a tea next door, see the historic homes and the awesome trails in the park.  Or just fondle the fabric.  That has the store open Tues through Sun, 12-4, except Sat is 12-5. We are closed Mondays.

Second – I would like to introduce Michele, I have pasted her blog post in below.

Stay tuned – we will be more active – promise.

Also – check us out on Facebook, lots of inspiring pictures there.

Hi Everyone,

 My name is Michele and I’m super happy to be blogging here with Nicole and Log Cabin Yardage.  I’ve been quilting for over a decade and really began with no knowledge of how to even thread a bobbin.  Which I guess is really funny, considering as I sit here, I am winding bobbins for my next project, between paragraphs.

My quilting style has always been to lean on precut fabrics and not venture too far from patterns that leverage those sizes and materials.  It wasn’t until I met Nicole that she pushed me to try new things, some way outside my comfort zone.   The Tumbler Quilt below was one of the first times I have worked with fabrics by Amy Butler and I love how it turned out!  This quilt will be available for sale in the shop and online very soon.

 I had the opportunity to attend the Kaffe Fassett workshop in October and it was the most fun I have ever had at a creative event.  I learned more in that day about colour, composition, freedom and creativity.  I’m so close to completing my quilt from that day, I can’t wait to show you.  Brandon Mably forced me to try new things and I’ve now got a quilt all of my own, that will forever remind me to keep trying new things.

Nicole and I have been busy collaborating over what’s to come next for the shop and I am pleased to share with you some of my upcoming classes.  We will be posting shortly the details around classes and workshops for creating a Spinning Triangles (baby sized quilt for beginners), All About Pre-Cuts (all skill levels), Flower Basket (twin sized quilt for beginners) and a Terrific Toque (crocheting for beginners).  Details for the classes will be posted shortly and all will take place at Log Cabin Yardage.

I’m happy to be part of this blog and can’t wait to share regularly the projects we are working on.

Cheers to 2014 and new things in the shop!


Facebook giveaway……

October 19th, 2013


So – in an attempt to garner a facebook audience (really it is all kinda surreal, I do remember when facebook didn’t exist) I am doing a giveaway for October.  Two winners will each win two Fassett Fat Quarters, I will mail them out, they will fit in a regular envelope.

To enter like the Facebook page.

I don’t have a picture for this post, so I will give you how fashion design, in my house with two little girls and waaaay too much fabric happens.

Untitled 2












Her shirt is a neat one, it is Yoda at Disney whatever park, the front says “Judge me by my size, do you”… the case of that little lady it is your mistake to make!  (Barbie’s feet survived intact).

Have a good day, off to take that one to hockey to join the rest of the family at hockey, I will be at the shop!

New fabric, new blogger, NEW LOCATION!!!!!

October 14th, 2013


Yup, been a while.

Sorry.  Stuff has been rocking along, we had Kaffe and Brandon to the shop, the lecture and the workshop went swimmingly.  The happy “workshoppers” took away their compositions, and the dynamic duos infectious enthusiasm, to finish their creations at home.  The lecture and the workshop were truly an interesting and inspiring experience.

I only snapped a few phone pics (always a hit  or – more frequently – miss process with me), a friend took a bunch during the workshop I will get form her and forward to attendees.

Kaffe and Brandon teaching final








Girls, Kaffe and Brandon final








So – what else is  new?

New Fabric – JUST IN – Marquis Quilting Cotton from Robert Kaufman, two colourways in store.  This fabric is simply luscious, I couldn’t restrain myself.  I have a quilt underway with the Linen colourstory, as I couldn’t resist, matched with some Kona Solids form the shop, but I can’t wait to play with the Peacock colourstory.  There simply isn’t enough time in the day!

marquis peacock mosaic

marquis linen

What else … New Blogger!
A friend of mine has been most generous in helping the wee shop along, she and I collaborated (I conspired, she did the work, just saying) on a quilt, Michele will appear shortly in this space sharing the result with you….be kind to her, you will see more of her!

Sorry, can’t show you any pics but the progress glimpses I have posted on facebook, the move in is still underway! All the “stuff” has moved into the new, bright lovely space, now it needs to be sorted out. This is underway, we have some exciting new backdrops constructed by Mr. LCY, they give vertical display space behind the bins he had built for the other space, offering the ability to showcase a project completed with the fabric in the bin below. I am putting together a colour wall, a first for the shop, takes some time to get it right. I am done grey into light blue on the top, and red on the bottom…..still lots to go! Mr. LCY is also building two new tables, this will give class seating for up to 20…..very exciting! And when not in use display space.

So – pics on the new spot (which is 425 Whitevale Road, Whitevale), so same address, but now the front of the building, under the porch, with high ceilings and windows on 3 sides for lots of natural light, coming very soon.

Before that, stay tuned for Michele!


Kaffe Update….

September 26th, 2013

Well guys, we are getting close!

Kaffe is here next week for a lecture and a workshop, we have a few places left in each.

If you have any interest let me know – we have some news also – new fabric has come in, I LOVE the newest collection, I will post come pics of what I am cooking up with it, once I get home and get cracking!

(Don’t join mailing list at this point, drop a line, or look under class info for details on site)

kaffe flyer

Blog Post….what is that again!

August 12th, 2013

Howdy y’all.

Hope summer has been treating you pretty good, one way or another.  I am braving the most recent crop of moskeeters to write this sitting on my front porch, contemplating the latest garden transplants, wondering if I need to water them, or if the clouds are about to pelt them to smithereens with rain.

Summer has proven busy, for various reasons, on various levels.  Hence the blog suffers.  But I figure y’all would survive.

A few highlights

1 – Kaffe Fassett is coming in October, lecture on the first, workshop on the second.  SLOWLY getting info onto store website under Class Info.

2 – Oh yeah – check out class info, once web designers get it up.  We will have classes this fall, all levels of quilters, or those wanting to call themselves quilters.

3 – Please refresh the page next time you go to I have uploaded photos, fixed layout issues, changed a few things, but if ya don’t make your computer reload the lazy bugger is satisfied with loading the last version

(I do know how to spell, speak and write more or less properly (y’all,), being very “lazy august evening” tonight – it is neither raining nor 4 billion degrees including humidity, quite pleasant on the porch watching the world go by….)

4 – goodness, boxes and boxes of fabric landed at my house, to be shuttled to the store. Yarn finally labelled and displayed.  YEAH! Unfortunately the online store and the physical store no longer track each other, there simply isn’t the time in the day….

5 – Shout out to a friend – Michele – manned the shop and did a spectacular job this past Saturday while I was at the Black Creek Quilts in the Creek – mucho grassy ass.

6 – New digs – post Kaffe the shop will be moving into a larger unit at the front of the historic Grainery in Whitevale, very exciting, very scary……a few new things iwll be in the shop, class space will be ginormous…..more soon.

Ok, enough serious stuff, here are some fabric pics to check out…..

Holiday Frost by Henry Glass including the panel – a big hit this weekend, I am loving the grey, red and white – there is even the cutest little raccoon in the panel. Which is funny, this show was in an open-sided event space in a pioneer village (read green space), in the north of the City (Toronto) adjacent to York University (rampant tennis fans stealing parking spaces due to Rogers Cup Finals)……so the pavilion has a roof (with a slew of helpful birds, prevented from getting down due to wire mesh to keep them out of the roof, they instead perched on beams and pooped at will….) but no sides…..I wrapped everything Saturday night, weighted down the table coverings with chairs……Sunday morning I get back, and look at the bag housing a backdrop display stand… has the cutest dusty handprints on it, where someone scurried along Saturday night….yes, handprints – they look human!  Anyway, back to the fabric…..

9511P-98 holiday frost panel


SO….this is summer?

July 2nd, 2013

Unlike some places we are fortunate to not be having horrendous heat, or wildfires.  We are having a very wet and relatively cool summer so far, haze and humidity are the theme in these parts.

Things march on at the shop – still pulling it together, but progress has been made.  All of the in stock yarn is in the shop, it isn’t all out as such, but it is there.  The fabric is all in, most of it has found a home.  I have tried to ensure plenty of table surfaces that are available, or have easily re-arranged contents, to allow people to spread out their WIPs.  I did just that with a quilter who had four lovely blocks that needed sashing and border fabric, one wasn’t working, so we had the most fun I can have in a fabric store, pulling out bolts and auditioning the ideas against the blocks…..and we were successful to boot.

Class plans are coming together, loosely.  There will be a pillowcase workshop, to get people used to sewing, as well as a crib size quilt and a throw quilt.  This will all be communicated after some website changes, there will be a page for store info where a map, hours, classes etc. will all be.  Baby steps.  Here are two demo pillowcases, the ice cream one went to the ice cream (and homemade burger, pulled pork and purine) caravan on the property the store is in, the other is the first to hang in the store window…..more to come.


New arrivals were into the shop, more owls.  These are from ADORNit, a neat company run by a team of women, Carolee McMullin and her three daughters.  Carolee got her start in tole painting patterns (I am old enough to remember when that exploded), when she saw those were being used to decorate scrapbooks her business became paper goods for crafting, and then extended into quilting fabrics, along with wood decor items.  ADORNit is the first company to offer co-ordinating fabric and paper goods.  It is an interesting small business story, and I am happy to carry their goods, I like the graphic quality of the fabric.  As tot he paper goods, we aren’t there yet, but I would love to eventually carry decor items…….in any case, we just got in Nesting Owls in the charcoal colourway.

Recently Updated6

More soon, take care everyone…..